More than ever, customers are seeking greater flexibility and freedom of choice. Enter, Conquest Hire.

Conquest Hire offers a fleet of industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment, with terms starting from as little as one day, and extending to as long as you need.

Conquest Hire controller Dean Molander says “Since Conquest Short Term Hire began just 18 months ago, and we’ve constantly evolved and improved our offering with respect to what our customers are demanding. We’re excited to be expanding our range and offering new solutions.”

As the demand grows, so too is our offering. We’ve recently added some new-yet-complimentary equipment to our existing Conquest Hire fleet.

FOR HIRE: Trailer-Mounted Industrial Hot Water Pressure Cleaner

In response to growing demand, we are pleased to offer heavy-duty, trailer-mounted industrial hot water pressure cleaners to our Conquest Hire fleet. Pressure washers afford a deep and efficient clean, reaching surfaces that scrubbers and sweepers cannot.

“Purchasing cleaning equipment to maintain just the outdoor area of a business isn’t always a feasible option, given the irregular requirements. That’s where we can help; recommending quality equipment that will get the job done, without the significant investment”, Dean says.


The CC1200 is a robust, one-stop cleaning machine: sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. And now, it is available to hire from Conquest.

Featuring a powerful Kubota engine, the Conquest CC1200 ensures a thorough sweep and scrub on even the toughest industrial hard floor applications – and in just half the time!

FOR HIRE: EcoMax 100

With many businesses now focused on reducing their carbon footprint, Conquest Hire are pleased to offer the world’s first zero-emission commercial pavement sweeper, the EcoMax 100. Ccombining outstanding power and operability, with advanced battery technology, the EcoMax 100 delivers up to 8 hours of continuous operation on a single charge.Capable of maximum speeds of 6.5kmh and an impressive 5,000m2 of coverage per hour, the EcoMax 100 is sure to get the job done quickly .

FOR HIRE: EcoVac240

Keeping with the zero-emissions theme, the EcoVac 240 is yet another new addition to the Conquest Hire fleet. A powerful yet lightweight street litter vacuum with an interchangeable 240-litre wheelie bin waste collection system, the EcoVac 240 allows for safe and efficient contact-free collection of waste and debris. Easy to operate by a single user and delivering 15-18 hours of continuous run-time, the EcoVac 240 is as efficient as five operators performing manual labour.


Ready to hire? Conquest is behind you all the way.

Conquest Hire offers fast and convenient delivery to site, or pick-up from our facilities located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Trailer hire for convenient transport of our equipment is also available. Plus, we provide comprehensive operator training to ensure the very best results.

Contact Dean and the team at Conquest today on 1800 826 789 for competitive pricing and availability, or visit our Short Term Hire page for more details.