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Keeping large outdoor spaces free of dirt, litter and debris takes a special kind of floor cleaning machine.

Solutions that have even the largest outdoor spaces covered

Keeping large open spaces like park pathways, car parks, container yards or even city streets clean and free from debris, dirt and litter is no small task. At Conquest we have specialist outdoor commercial floor cleaning equipment with the power, range and environmental credentials to deliver a safe and clean environment in any outdoor space.

Cleaning bitumen, unfinished concrete, pavers and natural surfaces all throw up different technical considerations, and sometimes it’s simply the scale of the area that needs to be cleaned that presents a challenge. Our versatile range of commercial and industrial outdoor cleaning solutions has you covered, including agile machines for reaching into tight areas and stable, maneuverable machines to clean up inclines and negotiate uneven surfaces. Or do you need a large, powerful machine to quickly and efficiently clean big open spaces? We’ll help you find the Conquest cleaning machine that’s right for you.

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Outdoor floor cleaning machines

Our versatile industrial and commercial floor cleaning machines are built to take on the biggest, toughest jobs out there.

Tackle your outdoor floor cleaning challenge with a Conquest cleaning machine

The great outdoors can pose a great challenge when it comes to lifting dirt, litter or debris and creating clean, clear spaces where people and vehicles can freely and efficiently move through them. Meet your specific challenge with a versatile, powerful and environmentally friendly solution from the Conquest range of outdoor floor cleaning machines.

  • Big, fast, powerful and efficient machines for large spaces
  • Highly manoeuvrable and visible machines for awkward spaces or areas with heavy foot traffic
  • Make an environmentally sound choice, with low noise, low or no emissions options
  • Choose a robust and powerful heavy-duty option to tackle build-up of tough debris

Our range varies from outdoor electric waste vacuums, litter vacuums and pavement sweepers, right up to emission-free park cleaning equipment like the ecosweep360 street sweeper.

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Featured product

Conquest PB180k-4 Ride-on Sweeper

For example, for awning areas which may have rough and uneven surfaces, we are one of only a few suppliers offering a sturdy 4-wheel ride-on sweeper, the PB180k-4 steadily takes the rough with the smooth and is tough enough to deliver consistent, powerful cleaning, day after hard-working day.

For indoor spaces, we can supply low emission LPG and low noise battery powered machines, all with plenty of cleaning power and long running times.

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“Conquest Equipments EDGE Series machines do the absolute best job of maintaining our tiles without any accelerated surface wear. This ensures best possible product service life and long term compliance. Did I mention you also get sparkling clean floors?!”

Johan Zetterlund, Architectural Representative, Surface Evolution
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