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At Conquest, we know that every floor cleaning challenge is different, but everyone needs the same result: a clean, safe, uncluttered environment that boosts efficiency and meets OH&S standards.

Our wide range of innovative indoor floor cleaning equipment can tackle challenges across all kinds of commercial and industrial spaces, including floor types such as tiles, stone, timber and polished concrete. Have a larger indoor space? No problem. Warehouses and truck workshops with unfinished concrete or specialist coated surfaces are our specialty. Our versatile machines can be tough enough for demanding industrial environments, quiet and thorough enough for a healthcare facility, and easily handle the specialist requirements of automotive or food preparation facilities.

In fact, there’s not an indoor hard floor surface that we can’t clean, which is why if you take our recommendation from our free onsite assessment, we’ll guarantee clean floors.

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Indoor floor cleaning machines

Meet any floor cleaning challenge with our versatile range of indoor commercial and industrial floor cleaning machines.

Tackle your indoor floor cleaning challenge with a Conquest cleaning machine

We know that every business, every facility, every warehouse or retail space is different. That’s why we keep a wide range of robust but technologically advanced indoor floor cleaning equipment versatile enough for any challenge.

  • Reduce airborne dust to meet environmental standards
  • Choose a low-noise, zero emission machine for sensitive environments
  • Control bacteria and meet stringent hygiene standards with an effective power scrubber
  • Put safety first with headlights or under-body lighting to use in low-lit indoor environments such as carparks
  • Add reversing cameras for improved visibility
  • Remove tyre marks and tackle grease and oil spills in busy automotive workshops, logistics depots or industrial environments
  • Customise your machine with a roof, extra lights, or other features to suit your specific environment. Ask us how!
Featured product

Conquest PB180k-4 Ride-on Sweeper

For example, for awning areas which may have rough and uneven surfaces, we are one of only a few suppliers offering a sturdy 4-wheel ride-on sweeper, the PB180k-4 steadily takes the rough with the smooth and is tough enough to deliver consistent, powerful cleaning, day after hard-working day.

For indoor spaces, we can supply low emission LPG and low noise battery powered machines, all with plenty of cleaning power and long running times.

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“Conquest Equipments EDGE Series machines do the absolute best job of maintaining our tiles without any accelerated surface wear. This ensures best possible product service life and long term compliance. Did I mention you also get sparkling clean floors?!”

Johan Zetterlund, Architectural Representative, Surface Evolution
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With so many options and considerations to factor, it can be hard to know where to start. So we make it easy! We offer a free site assessment to industrial and commercial facilities considering rental or purchase of their next industrial, commercial and municipal floor-cleaning machine. We're gad to come to you, or we can arrange a virtual consultation at your request.

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