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When it comes to walk-behind scrubber technology, Conquest Equipment is at the forefront. We offer a full range of commercial floor cleaning machines that deliver powerful scrubbing action and integrate advanced safety or usability features to save you considerable time when cleaning large spaces such as offices and schools.

With a robust catalogue quality commercial floor cleaning equipment at competitive prices, finding the walk-behind scrubber that suits your requirement and application is made easier.

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State-of-the-Art Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Whether you need a heavy-duty walk-behind scrubber that effectively lifts off dirt from the floor of high-traffic areas of a school, a scrubbing machine with an easy-dry capability to quickly clean stores or shopping malls without compromising safety, or a lightweight yet powerful hand mop that effectively cleans the hard-to-reach areas between the shelves in your bookstore, you can find the commercial scrubbing machine you need at Conquest.

We carry a full range of walk-behind scrubbers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and nearby areas across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. You can find the specific machine that suits your application, floor type, or budget. Our floor scrubbers integrate the latest technology and safety features, while retaining ease of operation. Easy to manoeuvre and made of heavy-duty materials, our durable commercial cleaning equipment is a worthwhile investment.

Conquest Equipment carries the largest selection of quality commercial walk-behind scrubbing machines available for long term hire or sale. On top of a robust selection of commercial floor cleaners, we provide nationwide service and support from our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We are committed to helping you overcome any commercial or industrial cleaning challenge through top-quality commercial cleaning equipment and outstanding customer service.

Let us help you choose the right cleaning equipment for your organisation. Call us at 1800 826 789 or complete our form for a free on-site assessment.

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