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There are only so many hours in the day when certain cleaning requirements can be completed. If the goal is to deliver a high-level of cleaning within a limited time, it makes sense to go for a battery-powered street sweeper.

Conquest Equipment, a leading provider of quality commercial machines, offers the EcoSweep360. This next level street sweeper is the ideal choice for discerning users, as it combines advanced cleaning and operating features in one eco-friendly device. Whether you need a powerful parking lot sweeper or pavement sweeper, count on our EcoSweep360 to get the job done quickly, thoroughly, and in little time.

Quiet, effective and emission-free, the Conquest EcoSweep360 battery-powered street sweeper is a smart and effective environmentally-friendly street sweeping solution.

With advanced technology, modern design and exceptional engineering, the innovative features and compact design of the Conquest EcoSweep360 make it the perfect sweeper for cleaning areas which previously required manual cleaning due to high environmental sensitivity or space restrictions.

The EcoSweep360’s versatile, low-noise operation makes it perfect for a range of different environments. Whether it’s a car park at a health facility, a corporate setting that demands quiet, a peaceful park or public space where people and wildlife may be disturbed, the Conquest EcoSweep360 can deliver a comprehensive clean without causing a disturbance.

Features of the EcoSweep360 electric street sweeper:

  • Emission-free
  • Low-noise operation
  • 8-hours continuous sweeping without recharging
  • Powerful drive motors able to climb inclines up to 30%
  • 360-litre wheelie-bin waste hopper
  • Electric power-steering
  • Compact and highly manoeuvrable
  • Self-supporting body

The Conquest EcoSweep360 also has customizable options to cater for individual requirements and improve operator experience and safety. These additional features include front and rear cameras with a full-colour screen in the cabin, hand-held suction hose for cleaning hard to reach areas, and side doors to protect the operator from the weather.

Ask the friendly Conquest team about the Conquest EcoSweep360 battery-operated street sweeper. We supply and service our street sweepers from our facilities in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane, as well as throughout Australia.

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