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A revolutionary dry floor stripping machine, setting new industry standards.

Saving up to 70% on labour costs versus traditional floor stripping methods and eliminating the need for chemicals, ISO HD Stick is an investment that quickly pays for itself.

The ISO HD stick features removable weights and large rear wheels that maintain contact with the ground reducing vibration and increasing operator control. Oscillating at 3450 rpm, the rectangular head removes sealer and polish, sands timber to perfection, and scrubs deep into the most difficult-to-clean textured floor surfaces.

In summary the Conquest ISO HD Stick is a revolutionary dry floor stripping machine that will:

  • Strip floors, chemical free
  • Work right into the corners and edges
  • Sand timber floors
  • Scrub rubber and non slip floors
  • Clean deep into grout lines
  • Remove epoxy coatings and glue residue

Can you afford not to have one? If you are stripping floors without the Edge Series you are wasting time!

RRP $6,589 including GST



Description ISO HD STICK
Theoretical Capacity (m²/hr) 460
Cleaning Width (mm) 508
Deck Speed (rpm) 3450
Pad Pressure (kg) 75


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