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Every cleaning job is different. That’s why Conquest provides a diverse portfolio of commercial cleaning equipment that can tackle any cleaning job. Whether you need a quiet machine to clean sound-sensitive areas or a powerful sweeper that can pick up heavy offcuts, Conquest has the machine to help you achieve an impressive clean.

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Invest in a Conquest cleaning solution with absolute confidence. Conquest 360 is our promise to you. It includes a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which ensures you have the right machine for the job, and a 60-day money back guarantee, which allows you to upgrade, downgrade, swap, or return your machine based on your needs. Conquest 360 also includes a 4-years parts and labour warranty, and a fully flexible rentals policy. Our flexible rentals mean you won’t get saddled with the wrong equipment, and you have the freedom to choose your term. With these four promises in place, we ensure that you’re receiving the highest level of service, the highest quality machine, and the very best clean.

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More about our machines:

One of Conquest’s most versatile equipment ranges is our power sweepers. Every floor sweeper in the Conquest collection is designed to be durable and effective. However, within our portfolio are commercial sweepers specifically designed for certain applications.

The PB180DK-4 is a heavy duty commercial sweeper that will help you get your job done faster. This machine features a self-levelling, spring-loaded brush that automatically adjusts as you move across varying floor types. The adaptable brush makes the PB180DK-4 the ideal machine for industries that encounter a range of different flooring.

Conquest’s PB160E offers a unique, zero-emission operation that’s perfect for sensitive or highly regulated industries. This power sweeper is extremely quiet while remaining efficient, making it a beneficial choice for sites such as hospitals and healthcare facilities.

XR, leads the pack in commercial floor scrubbers.

Conquest also offers a varied selection of power scrubbers to tackle tough cleaning tasks. Our range of commercial floor scrubbers varies from small and discreet to robust and tenacious. The XR from Conquest leads the pack in commercial floor scrubbers, offering superior reliability and heavy-duty operation. The XR has the power to clean heavy debris, ideal for industrial and manufacturing applications, and features increased traction that makes the machine both stable and agile.

In addition to a wide variety of traditional sweepers and scrubbers, we also offer a number of orbital, oscillating floor machines. The Edge Series combines the power of the conventional floor scrubber with the capability of rectangular, high-speed oscillating heads. Perfect for hard floors, the Edge Series scrubbers can reach right up to edges and into corners, making it perfect for buildings that need a comprehensive clean. With ride-on and walk-behind models to choose from, there’s an Edge Series scrubbing machine ideal for any site, from small retail stores to large office complexes.

Beyond sweepers and scrubbers, our versatile range of equipment also includes floor stripping machines. The Rotowash Series features an innovative design made for efficiency and power, making it ideal for every application from homes to hospitals where cleaning and hygiene are critical. Rotowash machines use a vigorous counter-rotating brush to scrub all types of flooring including tiles, grout lines, timber, carpet, and more. The clever design also means this machine can clean and dry the floor all in one pass, making your job faster and easier.

EcoSweep360, Zero Emissions. Noise Free. Unbeatable Performance..

If you’re after a powerful, eco-friendly street sweeping solution, then Conquest’s EcoSweep360 is the machine you’ve been looking for. Using advanced technology, the EcoSweep360 is emission-free and provides low-noise operation, making it ideal for a range of different environments, such as peaceful public spaces and car parks near health facilities or office buildings. This street sweeper also uses additional features to improve operator experience and safety. The EcoSweep360 has front and rear cameras with a full-colour screen in the cabin to prevent incidents, and a hand-held suction hose for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

In addition to providing a comprehensive selection of industrial floor scrubbers, sweepers, and strippers, Conquest also offers machine recommendations for a range of industries. Conquest has worked with Australian industry for over 40 years, gaining valuable knowledge about every industry’s unique cleaning challenges. Because of our diverse product range, we’re able to use specific industry knowledge to recommend the ideal machine to conquer your cleaning obstacles. No matter your industry or unique cleaning complications, we can help find you the right machine for your site.

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