Whether you need a lightweight commercial sweeping machine for clearing dust away from small and narrow areas or a heavy-duty ride-on industrial sweeping machine that cleans large spaces in little time, turn to Conquest Equipment.

Conquest walk-behind and ride-on floor sweepers offer solutions for any industrial and commercial floor cleaning challenge. From compact walk-behinds to diesel powered, 4-wheel-drive, ride-on models – whatever your cleaning task, there’s a Conquest power sweeper to match every requirement.

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Powerful Industrial and Commercial Floor Sweepers

Walk-behind sweepers are ideal for clearing dust and debris from smaller spaces such as corridors and footpaths. Highly manoeuvrable, they are designed to fit through standard doorways for convenient indoor operation.

Our fast, efficient ride-on commercial sweeper range comes in diesel, gas, petrol and battery powered, delivering fast, efficient cleaning. Our ride-on sweepers will clean metal shavings, dust, leaves and debris from large spaces such as shopping centres, transport depots, council operations, industrial settings and recycling yards.

Every Conquest industrial floor sweeper is built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering. Cutting edge Conquest technology coupled with the latest European designs means a Conquest power sweeper will deliver results for years to come.

In addition to our impressive range of industrial floor sweepers for sale, we also offer a range of fully serviced commercial cleaning equipment for long term hire from our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, with nationwide service and support.


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