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Our aim is to provide our customers with convenient access to quality cleaning equipment, constantly updating our range to include the latest innovations in industrial and commercial scrubber machines. The Conquest range of commercial and industrial floor scrubbers features a variety of high-quality scrubbing machines to meet an array of industrial and commercial floor cleaning challenges. And now you can clean and sanitise in a single pass, with our new optional disinfectant misting solutions.

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State-of-the-Art Commercial and Industrial Scrubber Machine

Conquest Equipment carries the most extensive range of commercial and industrial floor cleaning machines in Australasia. Our goal is simple: to offer our clients and brand partners “the clever way to clean”. If you are searching the market for a heavy-duty industrial scrubber machine that efficiently cleans vast areas or a sleek commercial scrubber that transforms small spaces from soiled into spotless, we have the floor cleaning machine that best suits your need.

Whether you need a powerful, industrial-grade warehouse floor scrubbing machine, a highly efficient and maneuverable commercial floor scrubber for a shopping centre, or even a handheld power mop for busy and cluttered environments like retail outlets, cafés or food courts, there is a Conquest floor scrubber machine equal to your cleaning challenge.

From large, ride-on machines to walk-behind power scrubbers, Conquest commercial floor scrubbing machines are packed with the latest innovative technology, whilst remaining tough and simple to operate. Featuring stylish European design and exceptional build quality, Conquest power scrubbers deliver cost-effective, efficient and hassle-free floor cleaning.

In addition to our full range of commercial floor scrubbers for sale, we offer a complete range of fully serviced commercial cleaning equipment for long term hire from our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, with nationwide service and support.


4-in-1 Floor Cleaning & Sanitisation

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown cleaning and hygiene into the spotlight like never before. And now, you can scrub and sanitise in a single pass. Optional disinfectant misting attachments turn your Conquest floor scrubber into a powerful and efficient 4-in-1 floor cleaning and disinfection solutions.


Get the number crunchers talking your language… by talking theirs

Productivity and efficiency are two key areas in which warehouses and industrial facilities are always seeking to improve. Your role gets a whole lot easier when you have the right equipment in place to keep your warehouse clean and meet your Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations.

It’s when we start talking those numbers, that we can make our CFOs and accountants sit up and pay close attention to what we have to say.


6 Ways for Warehouse Operations Managers and CFOs to maximise EOFY

If cleaning efficiency and productivity is high on your agenda, we can help you pull together a business case that your number crunchers will understand. Download our helpful brochure, 6 ways for Warehouse Operations Managers and CFOs to maximise EOFY to get started today.

Right now, you have the added bonus of maximising your tax-time savings for the current financial year by taking advantage of the instant asset write-off scheme available until December 31.


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