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Conquest Equipment is Australia’s leading specialist in commercial cleaning equipment. Our extensive range of cleaning equipment includes scrubbers, sweepers and commercial floor tile cleaning machines.

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Our latest pricing guide is now available as a complimentary download. Conquest Equipment offers competitive pricing on all our high-quality cleaning machines. We are committed to working together with our customers to understand their specific circumstances, and with a free on site assessment, we can craft an effective solution that’s guaranteed to deliver the clever way to clean, every time.

For exact pricing on all our models, please get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements.

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At Conquest we are renowned for our 100% satisfaction, clean floor guarantee, providing you with peace of mind at time of purchase. Our free on site assessment will ensure you get the right machine for the job. Together with our unique Intelligent Solutions Program, enjoy the confidence of our 100% clean floors guarantee.

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With such an extensive range, we know that sometimes making the right choices can be difficult. So, to ensure you get exactly the equipment that meets your needs, we offer a free on site assessment to potential customers looking to buy or rent our industrial, commercial and municipal floor-cleaning machines. Interested? Simply enter your address below and select the option for the free on site assessment and our team will be in touch within 2 business days to schedule your no-obligation free assessment.

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What they say

Customer Feedback - Monash Health

“We chose Conquest Equipment Technologies because of the new innovative products that could do the tasks we require with excellent results. The machines we purchased from Conquest have made cleaning in certain areas much easier and have delivered better than expected results. The service, support and after purchase care has been great. ”
– Lyndsey Bowdler, Monash Health


“These machines have brought added efficiency to our site, being able to scrub every time a truck has come through brings the floor back up to standard and has improved the quality of our floors. Conquest has been fantastic to deal with, I have had a few difficult suppliers….which makes you appreciate the good ones.”
– Phil Dempster, Purchasing, Burra Foods

Customer Feedback - Burra Foods