60-day money back guarantee

Buy with confidence! We back our recommendations 100%.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Only Conquest offers our customers a 60-day money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This means that when you purchase a machine that we’ve recommended through our unique Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP) you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we stand behind our solutions 100%.

Through a free on site assessment, which is part of our ISP process, our expert staff will get to know your environment and identify your floor cleaning challenges first-hand. Because we’re the experts in our industry and our team has the experience that makes all the difference, we back ourselves to propose the ideal floor cleaning solution for your needs.

Conquest 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Clean floors guaranteed

At Conquest we are renowned for our 100% satisfaction, clean floor guarantee, providing you with peace of mind at time of purchase. Our free on site assessment will ensure you get the right machine for the job. Together with our unique Intelligent Solutions Program, enjoy the confidence of our 100% clean floors guarantee.

Conquest stocks Australia’s largest ranges of commercial floor cleaning equipment. Our machines boast the most advanced technology in the business, plus innovative features that are revolutionising floor cleaning in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

Because we have the expertise, experience and high quality product range we know will deliver, it’s easy to be confident in offering our 60-day money back guarantee on any machine purchased on our recommendation.

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Talk to the friendly team at Conquest and discover how we can supply you with a clever cleaning solution what will deliver guaranteed clean floors or your money back. Interested? Simply enter your address below and select the option for the free on site assessment and our team will be in touch within 2 business days to schedule your no-obligation free assessment.

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