In a world of delays,
we’re not one of them

No risk. No red tape. No wait.

You’ve got more to worry about than the cleanliness of your facility floors – such as achieving your productivity targets. And that can be a difficult feat in a world where delays in business have become the new normal. At Conquest, we’re challenging the new normal so you don’t have to wait. We’ve invested in ensuring our range of floor cleaning equipment is readily available to buy, rent or hire without delay.

Once you have the right equipment, you won’t want to run the risk of machine downtime impacting your ability to deliver. We’re behind you all the way, with a proven track-record of resolving service requests within just 24 hours average, thanks to our national fleet of mobile service vehicles and increased supply of locally held spare parts.

So, don’t delay. Contact Conquest today and let us take care of your cleaning. After all, we’re behind you all the way.


Long term rentals with no risk to you

The challenging business environment of recent years has made it hard to predict future requirements, so risk is the last thing you need. What if you needed to move locations or expand your warehouse? Then you’ll need flexibility. Conquest can give you the flexible approach to long-term cleaning equipment rentals that you need, allowing you to scale your cleaning solutions as and when your business requirements change.

And because you haven’t bought the equipment, you won’t have to worry about maintaining it either. That’s our job; to keep it running smoothly with scheduled servicing, operator training and technical support, all included in the package. Leaving you free to take care of your core business.


No red tape holding you back

It’s highly likely that your business is needing to stretch its labour and financial resources to breaking point at the moment, and that usually means capital purchases can involve a lot of internal red tape for you to get through. In turn, that means business case preparation and evaluations taking a great deal of your time and effort. Conquest will save you from these hassles.

We believe you should have freedom of choice, which is why we offer no-risk rentals. This means you won’t ever get locked into a contract, allowing you to cancel or change your mind at any time.


No need for you to wait

You don’t have time to wait. So the great news is we have plenty of stock ready for you to rent, hire or buy right now. In fact, we have Australia s largest hire fleet of floor cleaning equipment with more than 700 machines across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Not that you’ll probably need that many, of course.

And without the need for capital budget approval, we can have a hire sweeper, scrubber, pavement washer or hot water pressure cleaner delivered to your site as soon as tomorrow.

So what are you waiting for?


“We needed a fast and reliable solution, and Conquest delivered. Recommending Conquest is a no-brainer for me… to work with Conquest in a speedy transaction was nothing short of amazing.”

–  Mick Martyn, Project Manager

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Request a free site assessment without delay

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