A superior result for tile and grout cleaning

There are a variety of specialised pads available for use with the EDGE series, suited to your floor cleaning challenge.

The EDGE Series by Conquest delivers a unique range of floor stripping machines for commercial and industrial cleaning applications. When combined with the specialised Green Tile and Grout Pad, floor scrubbers within this range range take on the notoriously difficult task of tile and grout cleaning, providing unrivalled results.

The EDGE Series has become the industry go-to for orbital floor scrubbing machines. The square head reaches flush against walls and into corners for a comprehensive clean. The specialised pads unique to the EDGE Series can further enhance results, tailoring the function to suit most floor surfaces and environments.

The green pad is designed with short bristles specifically for deep cleaning of heavily soiled tiles, grout and non-slip floors with indentations. The EDGE floor cleaning machines oscillate in every direction at a high speed of 2,500 rpm. This motion, combined with the pad, ensures the bristles make contact with all contours of the floor surface for heavy duty scrubbing, and aggressive removal of dirt and scuff marks.

The Nano EDGE is particularly adept at orbital scrubbing in the smallest of spaces. When combined with the specialised Green Tile and Grout Pad, the Nano EDGE replaces the laborious chore of scrubbing tiles and grout manually by reaching behind fixtures and even polishing stairs.

The green pad is available in 14”, 20” and 28” sizes, to fit all models within Conquest’s range of EDGE Series cleaning equipment.

There are a variety of specialised pads available within the range, each delivering unrivalled results for countless floor surfaces. LiveChat with Conquest’s Customer Care to learn how the EDGE Series cleaning equipment is the clever cleaning solution for your unique floor cleaning challenge.

Tile and grout cleaning with Edge and Green Tile and Grout Pad

The Green Tile and Grout Pad makes light work of heavily soiled tiles