Through our Intelligent Solutions Program, Conquest works with in-house, contract, and commercial cleaners to ensure that public spaces are kept safe and clean.

Safety incidents related to inadequate cleaning may result in loss of contract, fines to the business, or compensation claims from the injured person. Even if an incident does not occur, poorly kept public areas are damaging to the reputation of the cleaners responsible for the area, and ultimately to local reputation.

Conquest’s ecoSweep360 at Docklands, Melbourne.
The popular Genie power scrubber is
perfect for small areas.
Reliable power sweeper, the PB111, is perfect for capturing dust and pollen.

Conquest assists facility managers and cleaners in identifying the unique cleaning challenges found in public spaces.

Through a free on-site assessment, our Product Experts recommend the commercial floor cleaning equipment best suited to maintaining public health and safety.

Poorly kept public facilities may spread illness through the community, especially in vulnerable groups such as children, the sick, and the elderly.

Unfortunately, public facilities are also frequently misused or deliberately dirtied, causing havoc for commercial cleaners.

Developing a cleaning process that reduces health and safety risks to the public may be as simple as re-thinking the size and type of commercial floor cleaning equipment you use.

The advantage of using a power scrubber over a mop is in improved hygiene. Power scrubbers incorporate separate solution and recovery tanks in a compact unit.

Clean water is deposited on the floor from the solution tank and used water is collected into the recovery tank for disposal.

That means your floor is only cleaned with fresh, germ-free solution! Better yet, the days of filling and hauling around a heavy mop bucket are over!

Poor air quality may also have a detrimental effect on public health.

Quickly containing dust and pollen before it becomes airborne creates safer spaces for those with asthma or other respiratory difficulties.

A sturdy and thorough power sweeper will collect and contain potential air contaminants, while also sweeping up other unsightly debris.

Conquest’s extensive range of power sweepers and scrubbers may be customised to enhance public safety while the machine is in operation. Reflective striping and additional flashing lights increase visibility of the equipment. Alert sounds warn the public that the machine is in use, or that it is in reverse.

Ride on equipment may also be enhanced with seatbelts and secure enclosed cabins to meet road vehicle requirements for your state or territory. For applications where cleaning is done in low light, headlights provide both light to work by and alert public to the location of the machine.

In general, an area that is clean is safe. Well-swept areas are free of debris that may cause trip falls, while areas that are well-scrubbed and effectively dried reduce slip hazards.