According to studies completed by Safe Work Australia, 21.2% of all workers compensation claims came from falls, trips and slips in the work place; this was the second highest cause for compensation claims within Australia.

In 2008-09 financial year the cost of work related industries was estimated at $60.6 billion and injuries including slips and falls accounted for 51% of the claims made.

Not only is there a financial cost to both staff and business owners when an injury has occurred but also the down time of the staff member due to partial or sometimes full incapacitation.

While warning signs and “Caution Wet Floor” signs are useful in the fight against slips and trips, for a fraction of the cost of a workers compensation claim you could purchase a Conquest Genie Floor Scrubber which leaves the floor dry immediately after cleaning, protecting workers, visitors and your hip pocket!

Information sourced from Safe Work Australia Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia