Conquest create custom brush and increase broom life by 50%

Conquest are proud to offer a vast range of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. Our product experts can assist in identifying your unique needs and provide you with a custom solution.

At Conquest, we not only provide the best commercial cleaning equipment – we aim to deliver exactly the right machine to fit your purpose as part of a total cleaning solution.

Here is an example of a customised solution.

Visy Glass Recycling, recover materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic, steel, aluminium and glass. Visy had a sweeper on site  had on site that was incurring frequent damage to the broom due to the glass and other materials on the site floor. The brooms were only lasting four weeks, making the cost of running the machine unsatisfactory.

Conquest visited the site to conduct our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP) and recommended trialling a PB180DK-4, a heavy duty powder coated steel ride-on floor sweeper. We had a custom broom made with a mix of poly and wire bristles, adequate to sweep up the glass at their site.

After trials we increased the amount of wire in the broom, which extended the broom life by a minimum of 50%. Several months on and the machine has continued to handle the site well.

Benefits of the custom solution recommended include:

• Reduced cost of consumables
• Increased efficiency
• Reduced machine downtime
Find out more about our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP) and the steps we take to identify the right cleaning solution for your unique business needs. We are so confident with the process that we will offer you a 60-day money back guarantee when you buy a commercial floor cleaning machine as a result of ISP.

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