The Conquest ecoSweep360 is a revolutionary electric street sweeper featuring world-first technology for a quieter, emission free and environmentally friendly sweep.

Featuring advanced technology and market leading engineering, the Conquest ecoSweep360 battery-powered suction sweeper is ideal for inconspicuous use without environmental disturbance – from busy city streets and carparks to peaceful parks, nature reserves and other public spaces.

Concerned for the environment? The ecoSweep 360 electric sweeper is a totally emission-free means for collecting litter and debris in outdoor spaces, while minimising airborne dust. Hydraulic technology has been eliminated by design, thereby mitigating the risk of burst hoses, oil-damaged pavements or harmful chemicals making their way into drains and waterways.

The convenience of the 360 litre wheelie bin waste hopper system allows for easy removal and dumping. This equates to  a quick changeover to allow operators to get straight back on the job.

Customisation options are available to accomodate individual requirements and improve operator and pedestrian safety. Options include front and rear cameras with full colour screen, hand held suction hose for cleaning hard to reach areas and drains, and side doors for protection against the elements.

With the Conquest ecoSweep360 street sweeper, you will enjoy:

  • Emission free, electric technology
  • Low noise operation
  • Up to 8hrs of continuous sweeping time between charges
  • Powerful drive motors, enabling climbs up to 20% inclined
  • Compact and highly manoeuvrable
  • 360 litre wheelie bin waste hopper

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