The My530B auto scrubber from Conquest is revolutionising the cleaning industry. A very affordable 50cm scrubber dryer is replacing applications where customers believed they could only afford a mop and bucket.

This robust scrubber with a powder coated steel scrub deck, tough moulded tanks and powerful drive motors is only priced at around $ 5,120- including GST.

Many cleaners and operators do not realise the advantages of using a scrubber instead of a mop. The standout reason is the scrubber actually dries the floor as well as cleaning it. Using a double bladed squeegee connected to a powerful vacuum fan all moisture is removed from the floor. This has immediate advantages including:

  1. By actually removing the dirty water/soil from the floor the floor is left clean. A good mop that is regularly rinsed will only ever remove 35% of the dirt on the floor the rest is just spread around. A scrubber in one pass will remove 75% with even more with multiple passes. This instantly produces a visually cleaner and more hygienic floor.
  2. Slip and fall hazards for staff, clients and in the healthcare industry, the patients are an ongoing and major concern for all stakeholders. A scrubber drier leaves the floor dry within seconds of the machine passing over and almost eliminating all hazards associated with this.

With a large variety of floor surface in most facilities these days, there are a large range of options for different brush and pad types. The mechanical scrubbing action of a scrubber removes stubborn soil and stains effortlessly especially when compared to getting down on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush which is unhygienic to say the least especially in washrooms and bathrooms!

Convinced? Call Conquest today on 1800 826 789 to arrange a demonstration in your facility and you will be impressed.