Industrial floor cleaning equipment comes in all sizes, ranging from machines no larger than a household broom to fully-enclosed street sweeper vehicles. To get maximum benefits out of your cleaning equipment, choose a machine that suits the size and layout of the area you intend to clean.


Conquest’s smallest machines provide power scrubbing for small spaces. Designed to fit in, around, and under obstacles, these machines reach areas that usually require painful manual scrubbing.

Products such as the Nano Edge and Fimop are ideal for areas that contain permanent fixtures or furniture. These products are also easy to store and take out as needed, making them ideal for spot cleaning.

Walk behind power scrubbers and sweepers deliver a thorough clean in complex layouts. Power sweepers such as the PB55 and Carbon power scrubber are compact, powerful, and easy to manoeuvre.

Small rooms and busy hallways, even warehouses, are a breeze with the agility of a walk behind machine.

Ride on power sweepers and scrubbers make light work of large, open areas. Highly efficient power sweepers such as the PB180 contain large waste hoppers to maximise cleaning time.

The MXR ride on floor scrubber is cleverly designed to fit inside a standard elevator. Ride on machines optimise operator comfort for long cleaning sessions both indoor and out.

Street sweepers may sound like a product designed with one task in mind. However, street sweepers are also well suited to multi-level car parks, sites with private roads, or other large outdoor areas such as distribution centres and airport runways.

Your street sweeper may be customised and registered to meet road regulations in your state, so getting it from one site to another is simple as driving it there.


We would love to assist you in choosing the best floor cleaning equipment for your needs. Book a free on-site assessment with us!