Conquest’s Sydney Innovation Expo in September heralded the introduction of Conquest’s latest floor cleaning machine – the Nano Edge. Officially unveiled by Will Koeppel from TOMCAT (USA), the Nano Edge is the smallest deep scrubbing solution in the Australasian market, offering top performance in even the tightest of spaces.

There are a host of areas that are hard to reach with traditional style floor scrubbers, including around and under fixtures and fittings, in toilet cubicles, underneath urinals, and on stairs – all typically difficult spots for contract cleaners to perform their duties to the high standards required. But the Nano Edge makes short work of such challenges because it’s small and agile enough to get right in where walk-behind cleaning machines simply can’t.

The Nano Edge, which replaces the Doodle Bug, offers powerful back and forth orbital scrubbing performance, aided by pressure from a carefully weighted scrub head. It’s easy to operate, too, featuring a long ergonomic handle which can be attached to either side of the head, reducing excess strain on the operator.

Whilst strong enough to strip floors by removing multiple layers of finish without the need for harsh chemicals, the Nano Edge is equally suited to delicate floors – simply select from one of the easy-to-change pads designed for a wide range of surfaces and applications.

The Nano Edge is deceptively small; about the size of an average mop. Yet its power and performance impressed the ISSA judges so much they awarded it Innovation of the Year (Equipment) in Chicago 2016. It also proved equally popular with Expo attendees who voted it one of the five Visitor’s Choice Award winners.

The versatility of the Nano Edge means the effective power scrubbing of congested areas such as food courts and the narrow or complex floor spaces of train carriages and buses, for example, is now so much easier.

If you’d like to know more about how the smaller footprint of the Nano Edge oscillating floor scrubber can benefit your business, contact Conquest on 1800 826 789 today.