Forget the mop and bucket. The clever FIMOP is dragging mopping into the 21st century.

A well-mopped floor looks wonderful, but the actual task of mopping a floor is time consuming and ineffective using a standard mop and bucket.

Even with advanced wringing technologies and specialised mop heads, frequent water changes are required to get mediocre results.

Heavy mop buckets don’t move easily; multiple floors can be problematic if there is nowhere to refill on the target floor. The process is one of constant back-and-forth with awkward equipment.

Mopping practices have barely changed over centuries. Development in cleaning equipment was largely left for big ticket items such as autoscrubbers and power sweepers.

Small steam mops appeared in TV-only offers, never really making it in the larger retail market before the trend faded away.

For all of this, nothing seemed to have the power to cover a commercial space while remaining small enough to be easily stored and moved around.




This was the problem identified by engineers in Italy. They saw the need for a cleaning machine that, like its larger counter parts, utilised separate solution and recovery tanks. This separation ensures that only clean water is used at every stage, while dirty water is collected for later disposal.

Unlike a traditional mop, they wanted to develop a system that could complete the job in a single pass: scrubbing and drying all at once.

Now that there was no mop bucket to worry about, engineers focused on further reducing awkward aspects of the task. A lithium-ion battery system could provide power without the need for constant connection to a power outlet.

This would enable operators to clean freely around obstacles such as tables and chairs, without worrying about the potential trip hazard caused by power leads.

Other key points for the design included a handle that would allow the operator to send the machine in any direction—even backwards—without having to move or twist their arm.

Finally, the machine had to be light enough that it could be easily carried between areas—including upstairs.

The result was the FIMOP, a sleek cleaning device that delivers on all points. Small enough to weave through tight spaces and powerful enough to clean to commercial standards, the FIMOP truly is the next step in the mopping evolution.

The unit weighs in at just 10kg, and can be folded into a trolley for easy movement across areas. It’s ideal for facilities with limited space to store cleaning equipment, folding down to be no bigger than your average vacuum.

Better yet, the FIMOP is ready when it’s needed. The battery does not discharge while not in use, and does not need to be fully drained before recharging. There’s no unwieldy docking system. The FIMOP charges from a standard power outlet via the provided adapter, much like a mobile phone.

This clever machine is bound to improve safety standards too. In addition to not requiring power leads during operation, the powerful drying system ensures the floors are left dry and safe to walk on immediately. Imagine being able to spot clean spills during peak trade, with minimal disruption to clients. The FIMOP can make that happen.

Effective commercial cleaning is no longer just for those with a need for large machines. The efficient and innovative FIMOP brings the best of cleaning technology to a small form machine: an evolution that mopping has been begging for.