Conquest is proud to announce the latest innovation in commercial cleaning equipment: the Conquest Carbon Edge oscillating floor scrubber machine.

Highly manoeuvrable, simple to operate and impressively powerful, the Conquest Carbon Edge is clearing a path into some of Australia’s leading retail giants nationwide.

Combining orbital scrubbing technology with high performance motors and down pressure, the Conquest Carbon Edge infiltrates deep into even the most porous hard floor surfaces. Not only does this result in clean floors guaranteed, but also actively promotes slip resistance and a reduction in surface bacteria.

Well-considered ergonomic features minimise discomfort for simple and effortless operation, even with extended use. The scrub deck is actively protected by steel guards, while large polyurethane rollers prevent wall-marking. The front-fill system features a retractable hose for ease of use with a standard sink-faucet, and is fitted with a stainless steel screen to accommodate hand-filling.

An environmentally friendly cleaning choice, the Conquest Carbon Edge also delivers premier chemical-free floor stripping while reducing water consumption by up to 70%.

The Conquest Carbon Edge commercial floor scrubber is truly achieving outstanding results on floors all around the Australia. But don’t just take our word for it! Alexis Aveleyra, Store Manager at a Morely-based supermarket in Western Australia, shares his experience:

“Once we applied the Carbon Edge to our floors, the floor come up awesome and looks almost brand new. In general the machine is easy to use and maintain. Also the Director of WA region came to our store this week and was very impressed with the results on the floor.” – Alexis Aveleyra, Supermarket Store Manager

Recommended for non-slip textured floor surfaces such as those in supermarkets, healthcare, food and beverage manufacture, education, automotive and retail facilities.

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