The Conquest Edge orbital scrubbing machines are revolutionising the industry.

A unique range of square head orbital scrubbing machines that have many unique features and benefits. The oscillating, orbital action reduces water and chemical usage by between 50% and 70%. This results in halving the amount of time spent emptying and refilling.

The rectangular scrub head effectively cleans right into corners and up to edges where traditional disc machines could not access. The high-speed orbital action delivers incredible results in many applications: Deep scrubbing tiles or grout lines, or rough floors that no other machine could clean; Stripping floors with no chemical and saving up to 70% on labour costs; Even screening of timber flooring without the swirl marks or rotary machines.

Conquest has a complete range of machines from the 50cm stick machine to a variety of auto-scrubbers to suit any application.

The stick machine can easily adapt to suit any floor with the easily removable weights. Supplied standard at 75kg, the pad pressure can be increased to an impressive 100kg.

The Edge auto-scrubber range boasts large, easy-to-clean tanks and filters, and a stainless steel strainer to stop debris entering the recovery tank.

All the fasteners in these robust machines are stainless steel for increased service life.

The tilting tanks give access to all the working parts, making servicing a breeze.

Powerful vacuum motors and smart squeegee designs offer excellent results and instantly dry floors for increased safety.

The scrub heads of the Edge scrubbers raise and lower at the flick of a switch, and the down pressure can be adjusted to suit the floor being cleaned.

Do you have a floor you can’t clean?

Would you like to halve your water and chemical usage?

Do you want to dry-strip floors without harsh chemicals?

Conquest Edge orbital scrubbers are your answer.

Available for sale or rent, with national service and support from strategically located facilities in MelbourneSydney and Brisbane. For a no-obligation onsite assessment and demonstration, contact us today.