Introducing the MMG Plus floor scrubber by Conquest.  Boasting a full set of safety and efficiency features, and laden with smart technology, the MMG Plus shines new light on automated floor scrubbing.

Fitted with an intuitive and simple-to-operate touch screen control, the MMG Plus is a game-changer.  Take away the hard work, with pre-defined zone-program settings for each cleaning area.  New operators?  No worries!  Operator training is a breeze, with easy-to-follow integrated Tutorials and User Manual.

Because workplace safety is paramount, the MMG Plus comes standard with a full set of safety features.  A built-in collision avoidance system reduces the opportunity for incidents, while the full-colour rear view camera provides full visibility of the cleaning path behind.  Beautiful integrated LED lights illuminate the brush deck, squeegee and under-machine areas for ease of cleaning and maintenance in low-light environments; while a full set front and rear lights allow clear signalling during operation.  The well-considered ergonomic design minimises discomfort for effortless operation, even with extended use.

But don’t be fooled by the gadgetry and sleek design!  The MMG Plus is one of the most robust ride-on floor scrubbers in its class.  The heavy duty build and componentry is designed to last the test of time; keeping your floor cleaner for longer.

The story doesn’t end there!  The MMG Plus contributes to greener working environments, reducing water and limiting chemical use – all whilst delivering superb cleaning results.

The robust MMG Plus ride-on scrubber by Conquest.  Truly a clever way to clean.