Looking for cleaning equipment that is powerful enough to deep clean difficult floors and strip sealant, but can still deliver a daily clean without causing damage? An orbital scrubber might be for you.

These versatile machines can take on almost any hard floor cleaning application. Need your floorboards stripped of polish in preparation for resealing? An orbital scrubber can do that. Need your delicate flooring effectively scrubbed without causing damage? An orbital scrubber can do that. Need to get into the grout between your tiles for a deep and thorough clean? That’s right—an orbital scrubber can do that!

Unlike rotary scrubbers, where the circular spin creates less-effective cleaning toward the centre of the pad, orbital scrubbers use a back-and-forth motion to deliver an even clean across the floor.  Orbital, also known as ‘oscillating’, scrubbers make the most of the entire pad using this motion, delivering a more efficient and effective clean.


Applications for orbital scrubbing:

  • Easily strip floor finish without harsh chemicals.
  • Heavy-duty scrubbing for hard-to-clean floors.
  • Lighter pressure scrubbing for delicate floors and daily use.
  • Effective removal of stubborn dirt from tiles and grout.

Benefits of orbital floor scrubbing:

  • Rectangular pad reaches to the very edge of flooring, even into corners.
  • Extremely versatile and suited to many floor coverings.
  • Heavy machine pressure (adjustable with addition or removal of weights) for more effective scrubbing.
  • Variety of pad types suited to different hard floor cleaning applications.
  • Floors are scrubbed evenly, without leaving the circular swirl marks common to rotary scrubbers.


Orbital floor scrubbers, such as Conquest’s Edge series, also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. From the ride-on GTX Edge, ideal for large floor preparation and warehouses, to the nimble Nano Edge: no matter what size your need, there’s an orbital scrubber that fits.