Conquest has been supplying the Edge Orbital Scrubbers for a number of years now and the most popular applications have been for chemical free floor stripping and cutbacks as well as some specialty applications.

However in recent months Conquest have solved a number of problems floors that customers had tried all traditional types of scrubbing machines without a satisfactory result.

The Edge Orbital Scrubbers use an oscillating action that is very fast and penetrates into the pores, grout lines of the most difficult floors.

Some of the recent applications have included:

  • Cleaning a rough, outdoor tile area at a football stadium using large cylindrical and disk scrubbers could not get this floor clean. The Edge Magnum left a clean strip of tiles and grout in a single pass allowing the contractor to re-sign the cleaning contract and giving them a very happy client.
  • Numerous hospital facilities have struggled to remove scuff marks off their low maintenance vinyl floors. In a single pass using a standard red pad the Edge machine took off 90% of the scuffs with even more removed on multiple passes.
  • A non-slip tile in a bathroom area in an upmarket office complex was proving very difficult to clean. The rough surface of the tile trapped the dirt and nothing would remove it until the Edge arrived. A single pass left a gleaming white floor which looked as clean as the day it was laid.
  • The contractor employed to clean and maintain a flagship shopping centre was getting complaints from the Centre Management for the dark, dirty looking edges. An Edge Stick machine was used and instantly removed all the dirt right up to the edges. Being so easy to control meant the operator could run right up to glass shop fronts without risk of damage. The small amount of solution needed also reduced the clean-up from excess solution running down stairs and walls to the floors below.
  • Timber gymnasium floors are cut back regularly to remove scratches and keep the floor surface looking perfect. Traditional rotary machines were used and on the introduction of the Edge Stick the contractor could not believe how easy it was to use, no swirl marks and only took minutes to train un-skilled works to become floor professional.

Do you have an application you are struggling with? Call Conquest today on 1800 826 789 to request a demonstration in your facility and be prepared to be amazed!