Heavily soiled tile and grout is a commonly cited floor cleaning challenge in commercial spaces. In this video we demonstrate the ease at which you can achieve an effective deep clean on tile and grout, simply by using the right commercial floor cleaning equipment!

Conquest product expert Joel Pederick gives us a visual demonstration of the difference in texture between a traditional red commercial floor scrubber pad and the equivalent red Twister diamond pad. The red diamond pad is one of the most heavy-duty oscillating floor scrubber pads available, ideal for deep chemical free cleaning and surface preparation. The pads are a powerful addition to your Conquest Edge orbital floor scrubber, and are available in a range of rectangular sizes to fit models across the range.

Joel then takes us through fitting the pads to the Conquest Edge Stick scrubbing machine with the simple velcro attachment system and proceeds to scrub the soiled floor surface with each pad respectively, side-by-side. No added chemical is applied during this demonstration.

See the results for yourself:

Extremely dirty commercial tile and grout flooring is no challenge for Conquest Edge oscillating floor scrubbers. And the difference in results achieved with the diamond red pad is incredible!

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