The application of chemicals for stripping of hard floor surfaces has long been considered essential for removal of tough coatings and sealers. However as businesses today become increasingly more environmentally conscientious and focused on workplace health and safety (WHS), we have experienced growing demand for chemical-free floor cleaning and stripping solutions. New technology, such as our Conquest Edge Series, combines oscillating scrubbing motion with heavy duty scrub pads and maximum down pressure to make chemical-free floor stripping possible. But which method achieves the best result in industrial  and commercial applications? We’ve put together a quick comparison for you and highlight the key considerations for selection:

Know the risks

It goes without saying that chemical removal of floor sealant isn’t without risk. Harsh toxic chemicals pose a significant risk of workplace incidences as well as long-term implications for workers through prolonged exposure, plus accidental spills or splashing may cause damage to surrounding surfaces and equipment. Delicate ecosystems are at risk of toxins entering the waterways through drains, so measures should be in place to ensure appropriate capture and disposal of chemical waste. Chemical-free floor stripping on the other hand – such as that which can be achieved with powerful orbital scrubbers – significantly reduces the risk of workplace safety incidences, accidental damage and detrimental environmental impact.

Save time, save cost

When used in the right applications, Conquest chemical-free floor scrubbers save up to 70% of time spent on the job, and therefore so too reducing the cost of labour. Plus there is no need to apply expensive chemicals, or invest in appropriate chemical waste disposal and specialist safety wear. Conquest National Key Account Manager, Ben Mathews shares an anecdote where his contractor customer had been using a team of three people to regularly strip specialty commercial hard flooring. By introducing an oscillating head stripping machine that did not require chemical application, they saved on the expense of one entire wage plus the cost of the stripping chemical. The machine paid for itself in no time!

The proof is in the results

Chemical-free floor stripping technology is not designed to totally strip the floor of all sealer. It is designed to cut back 2 – 3 layers of sealer, thereby removing discolouration and scratches to reveal a level, clean surface ready for re-coating. Many cleaners are now opting to ‘cut back’ their floors and reapply coatings on a much more regular basis, rather than waiting for the floor to get to a point where it needs a full strip, as this method keeps floor surfaces looking fresher and newer for longer.

Regular, chemical-free ‘cut backs’ with orbital scrubbing technology offer significant benefits for businesses by minimising WHS and environmental risk, and reducing cost while delivering a great result. Of course, every stripping job is different and there are many factors to be considered before determining the right solution for your application. Always speak to a specialist floor cleaning export for advice and recommendation based on your unique requirements.

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