Dry floor stripping is a great way to save on chemical costs and increase the safety of your floor preparation process.

Eliminating harsh chemicals eliminates the risk of worker sickness due to chemical inhalation or exposure, while saving on time by not having to wait for chemicals to activate and begin removing floor polish before scrubbing.

But how does it work?

Stripping layers of finish off floors: a safe one-step process
with the EDGE orbital scrubber series.

The EDGE orbital scrubber series utilises a rectangular pad with removable weights, oscillating at an incredible 2850rpm.

Where more force is needed, weight can be added to increase pressure of the pad on the floor, or removed to suit more fragile flooring.


 A variety of pad types ensure the EDGE orbital scrubbers are able to strip anything: from softer pads designed to finish and shine, to the heavy-duty abrader plate ready to lift layers off the toughest floors.

Abrader plates are designed for heavy-duty stripping.


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