Calder Property Services are experts in property maintenance. Restoring and keeping floors at optimum condition is one of the key services provided by the company, one that benefits their clients by reducing damage done to floors and improving the overall look of the property. Unfortunately for the Calder team, floor preparation was also a time consuming and dangerous task.

Described as a “cleaner’s nightmare”, Calder’s process for stripping and re-sealing floors included the use of strong chemicals designed to soften and lift thick layers of polish. Once applied to the floor, the chemical was left to sit until the process of scrubbing away the old polish could begin. This left team members waiting for the chemical to work, and frustrated when some areas of polish remained stubbornly attached to the flooring.

Conquest was called in to assess the existing process and make recommendations on how time, money, and sanity could be spared in this “dull drudgery” of a task.

It was the Conquest EDGE series to the rescue.

No water or chemicals required, the EDGE utilises an orbital scrubbing motion to scrub away layers of polish. No more waiting for chemical to work, the EDGE strips floors evenly and smoothly, the rectangular pads able to reach right into corners and along walls.  

The Calder team cut their time spent stripping floors by half, allowing them to fit more jobs into a day. As the EDGE can be adjusted to suit different types of flooring, they were able to branch out into a wider range of floor preparation jobs without having to purchase more equipment. Just apply the right pad and pressure, and the rest is easy!

Better still, the job that the Calder team once hated with a passion is now one of the simplest and most efficient to carry out, thanks to the orbital scrubbing power of the Conquest EDGE series.

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