How often do you clean? What areas need cleaning more often?

For every facility, the answer to these questions will be different. Some facilities experience a small build-up of dirt and debris throughout the day, while others find significant mess is left behind all at once. But even within facilities that clean frequently, cleaning processes aren’t necessarily flexible enough to meet the demands of each area on site.

Burra Foods facility in Korumburra was experiencing that exact problem.

A standard full cleaning routine at set times just wasn’t effective, as trucks deposited fresh dirt on their concrete floors at irregular intervals. Their existing cleaning process was lengthy and cumbersome, designed around a specific procedure that didn’t allow for more flexible applications.

As a food processing facility, cleanliness was of utmost importance—so something had to change.

Burra’s purchasing manager, who had worked with Conquest finding a cleaning solution at another company, contacted Conquest to see what the Intelligent Solutions Program would recommend.

A full site analysis suggested that while the existing processes were suited to low traffic areas, the concrete pathways used by delivery trucks required a cleaning process that was more flexible. This would allow Burra’s staff to clean up debris left by vehicles when it was required, as opposed to letting it build up between set cleaning times.

Conquest recommended the PB70 walk-behind floor sweeper, and MiniMag floor scrubber—also a walk-behind machine. Both machines provided the robust design and hardiness required to last in a high-demand facility like Burra Foods. Walk-behind machines provided the flexibility needed to clean up a medium-sized area frequently.

The PB70 sweeper was ideal for cleaning up dirt left behind, while the MiniMag scrubber would be on-hand to cope with trickier vehicle-related mess, such as liquid or oil leakage. Agile and able to be put to work at a moment’s notice, this combination of separate sweeping and scrubbing machines would ensure that whatever mess Burra Foods encountered, the cleaning equipment would be able to eliminate it with ease.

In the words of Burra’s purchasing manager, these machines ‘added efficiency’ to the site with the ability to quickly respond to messes as they happened and bring the floors ‘back up to standard’. Explaining his choice to seek Conquest for a solution, he said: ‘Conquest has been fantastic to deal with. I have had a few difficult suppliers… which makes you really appreciate the good ones.’

Just as different facilities require different cleaning processes, different areas of the same facility also have unique requirements. Finding out what your facility requires is the first step in developing a clever cleaning process.

Not sure your cleaning is clever enough? Call us and book a full site analysis!