Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are the central logistics hubs for broader East Coast of Australia, due to the world-class infrastructure and direct links to air, sea, road and rail. So it’s not surprising that Warehousing and Distribution Centres (DC’s) are concentrated within the greater City areas. As the manager of one of these facilities, industrial floor cleaning is probably low on your priority list. Conquest highlight the reasons why effective floor cleaning practices are so important, and offer advice to ensure you get the right equipment to make you stand out from the crowd.

First Impressions Count

Customers and visitors to your warehouse, DC or manufacturing plant will form an opinion about your operation within just seconds of entering. Don’t let poor presentation and low standards of cleanliness negatively impact your brand and deter customers from working with you. Developing simple protocols for effective industrial floor cleaning, along with selecting the right equipment for the job, will keep your facility looking its best. And that makes you look good too!

Safety is a Priority

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is a very real and significant motivation for keeping the floors of your facility free of spills and debris. Forklift oil leaks, piles of banding, and debris from pallets or processing, all present very real slip and trip hazards. They may even cause forklift tyres to spin or limit operator visibility.To minimise the safety risk, it’s important that you have a plan to prevent grime and loose debris languishing on  your cement warehouse flooring.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Helps Protect Your Investment

Let’s face it: running a business costs money. You invest in your facility, equipment, inventory and brand. Your customers also trust you with the care of their investment in transported and stored goods. Surface areas with high traffic of materials handling equipment quickly accumulate a build-up of tyre rubber, dirt and dust.  Dust which becomes airborne can settle on boxes and shelved inventory, potentially devaluing stock or resulting in costly write-offs. Built-up tyre rubber and oil stains are not only unsightly, but have the potential to ruin floor surfaces and devalue commercial property. Making industrial floor cleaning part of your day-to-day work practice helps you to protect your investment, and that of your customers – so they come back time and time again.

Get It Right The First Time

Conquest make selecting the right  or floor  quick and painless, so you can get back to focusing on your business. With our unique, we identify your unique industrial floor cleaning requirements to recommend a tailored solution. You have peace of mind knowing that our recommendations are backed by our four Conquest 360 promises, including an industry leading 4 year parts and labour warranty.

Conquest offer innovative and reliable floor cleaning equipment for sale or hire from as little as one day, with national service and support from strategically located facilities in MelbourneSydney and Brisbane.

Contact us to book a no-obligation onsite assessment or your warehouse or logistics depot. We would love to help.

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