Facility cleaning may not be high on your priority list. Especially when you have all-important productivity and safety KPIs occupying headspace. But whether the goal is site presentation, dust control, ensuring visibility of safety lines, or preparing for an upcoming audit – floor cleaning at your site does need to happen.

Conquest Equipment, renowned for their robust range of industrial sweepers and scrubbers, offer their 3 expert tips to taking control of floor cleaning at your facility. So, you can focus your attention on heading up a productive and safe operation.

Step 1. Choose the right floor cleaning equipment

With so many variables to be considered, it can be difficult to match your cleaning equipment needs to your unique business requirements. But choosing the right equipment is essential to ensuring reliability, longevity and cleaning performance.

That’s why Conquest created their Intelligent Solutions Program, or ISP, to leverage their expertise and give you peace of mind that you’re getting the equipment you actually need to clean your facility and meet your safety obligations. It’s all starts with a complimentary site assessment.

A product solution specialist will come to your facility and make a recommendation based on their expert assessment of your facility size, surface type, safety considerations, operating environment, and cleaning requirements. No guess works. No fuss.

Step 2. Create a maintenance and servicing plan

Much like a passenger car, regular maintenance and servicing ensures your floor cleaning equipment continues to operate to peak performance and minimises the risk of unplanned breakdowns or emergency repairs.

Conquest recommends creating and enforcing a clear maintenance plan encompassing daily pre-operation inspections, appropriate waste disposal and machine cleaning post-operation, and regular scheduled servicing. They can even help tailor a service and support package to your requirements. So, for you and the team onsite, it’s set and forget.

Step 3. Manage your fleet with Conquest FM

For those with multiple cleaning assets across various facilities and locations, Conquest’s latest offer – Conquest FM – simplifies fleet management and drives operational efficiencies. The intuitive bolt-on system can be integrated with new and existing fleet assets and offers real-time usage data and reporting.

Conquest FM also features built-in safety checks and performance monitoring to minimise downtime and promote operator safety. Accessible from a single portal and available on both desktop and mobile devices, Conquest FM puts you in full control of your floor cleaning fleet. No matter where you are.

Take Control Floor Cleaning

As a busy Operations or Fleet Manager, you’ve got enough to do. But with Conquest behind you all the way, taking control of floor cleaning processes and assets at your operation is as simple as one…two…three.

Original article published by MHD Supply Chain News


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