If your business is welcoming a new employee or is set to take delivery of new equipment, it’s vital you ensure that the correct training is given. Whether you’re purchasing new computer hardware, a forklift, or a floor cleaning machine, here are three very good reasons why clear, easy to understand operator training is so important.

1. Safety first for all

Knowing how to operate a new piece of equipment correctly can be daunting. Yet, it’s vital for workplace health and safety. Companies must provide training in machine operations in order to minimise the risks of workplace accidents. This should consist of training in emergency procedures including the immediate shut down features.

The cost of not doing so can be severe. Not only is there the risk of injury, workers compensation or other insurance claims, plus recovery time, companies that fail to implement proper training resulting in serious injuries can be heavily penalised. This may also lead to potential investigations and subsequent prosecutions by state-based government WHS agencies.

2. Fewer accidents and less damage

It should come as no surprise that training operators in the correct use of equipment helps protects a machine from damage and an operator from harm.

Imagine you’re about to learn how to use a piece of floor cleaning equipment. Thorough training should over the comprehensive pre-start check and include not only features that help the floor sweeper to do its job, but operator features such as speed and hazard controls. Training should also provide advice on how to check for potential problems, such as being alert to strapping becoming tangled around the brushes.

3. Increased reliability

When clear, easily understood training is given for any piece of equipment, it maximises the likelihood that it will be used correctly and that the desired outcome will be achieved. When ‘care during operation’ is added to the equation, it reduces the risk of equipment breaking down – which can easily lead to additional costs in repairs and lost productivity.

When care is taken to use a machine properly, the life of the product can be extended considerably. For example, if you haven’t installed the latest software updates, your computer’s speed may be affected. Similarly, using the incorrect chemical in your floor scrubber may lead to excessive foam clogging vacuum motors and result in a floor that has not been properly cleaned.

Conquest is committed to helping its customers get the most out of their floor cleaning equipment by providing exemplary after sales service. Our dedicated team of onboarding specialists provide comprehensive training and support on all new floor sweepers and scrubbing machines, so don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 826 789 to book a session with a consultant today.