Keeping workplaces clean and tidy presents many health and safety benefits for customers, employers and employees alike. Conquest shares three key advantages to maintaining a clean warehouse.

1. Safety

With the October 2018 National Safe Work Month now underway, it’s a timely reminder that a safe working environment for everyone should always be management’s number one priority. A regular cleaning schedule will help ensure the potential for accidents and incidents is kept to a minimum. Modern industrial floor cleaners offer a variety of safety options which can help reduce:

• Slips – A floor scrubber machine can quickly get rid of the liquids, built-up residue and dust which can so easily cause an accident. In just one pass, floors are immediately left dry and safe to walk on.

• Trips – An effective floor sweeper is an efficient way to collect loose debris from large spaces, making an area consistently safe for foot traffic.

• Air Pollution – A regular and efficient cleaning program with the right equipment can significantly improve air quality for staff and visitors, reducing the risk of illness as a result.

2. Presentation

Although warehouses are busy work environments, presentation is important. A regular cleaning program adds to the smooth running of the warehouse by ensuring stock is quickly identifiable and fit for sale. It can also help reduce any write-off levels caused by misplaced or damaged stock lines.

A clean warehouse, clear of dust and debris, also provides a better, healthier working environment. Employees are happier and more motivated when their workspace is regularly cared for; free of the distraction and low morale that excess dirt and mess can cause.

3. Dust control

High dust levels are an unwelcome feature of the open-plan nature of warehouses. The constant movement of trucks, forklifts and other product-moving equipment produces high levels of dust, making prevention of settlement on stock a real challenge – particularly for food-grade facilities where hygiene standards are necessarily very high.

Dust can also easily find its way into office equipment and air-conditioning machinery, so dealing with it effectively can help businesses reduce maintenance and down-time costs.

Powerful floor sweepers and warehouse cleaning machines offer a way to make significant inroads into reducing dust build-up. And, because many of our floor cleaning equipment models run on long-lasting batteries, there are no fumes to add to the dust problem.

Excessive dust also poses a very real danger to asthma sufferers. A regular routine of cleaning and sweeping will ensure that workers’ exposure to harmful dust particles is kept to a minimum, leading to a healthier, more productive workplace for all.