Open communication within your business is a key indicator of a well-run organisation. There are many ways to encourage good communication, including scheduled team meetings, training sessions and more. Here are just three of the many advantages that open communication can bring.

1. Employee engagement

It’s no surprise that research confirms that highly engaged staff are more profitable staff. When healthy, two-way communication exists, it creates a sense of teamwork that drives employees to actively work together to achieve business goals.

By communicating regularly with your team, you give them a strong sense of business direction and a clear indicator that their input is valued. When employees feel included, they want to help take your organisation to where you want it to go. You can read more about how employee engagement can help promote company growth here.

2. Staff morale

If communication between employers and employees is healthy, workers feel like they’re a part of a team. That’s important for morale – and productivity. Open communication helps instill a sense of pride in what an individual does and, because they feel appreciated, they strive to make a difference by really ‘owning’ their role.

Happy employees also act as strong brand ambassadors. When they speak well of their workplace it adds another positive layer to the wider perception of your business. Additionally, great employee feedback tells you you’re on the right track and that’s always good news.

3. Keep up to date

Regular meetings not only keep communication channels open, they act as golden opportunities to keep all staff up to date with the company strategy and current direction.

Particularly in service based businesses, it is critical to ensure all managers and supervisors are informed of any issues across the business. This includes changes to legislation and standards as well as any changes within the organisation that they may not be aware of.

By getting your team away from the day to day whirlwind, an offsite meeting can be a great forum for new ideas to flow and a way to get your team up to speed.

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