On any given day, warehouse and facility managers have many responsibilities competing for their attention. Any process that prevents delays and a drop in productivity can be the difference between ticking everything off their task list or starting each day further behind than the last.

Running a warehouse or facility demands much of its managers. Not only must they be nimble enough to adapt their team and process to meet the demands of a fast-paced business environment, but they must also meet their compliance requirements. Industrial floor-cleaning equipment breakdowns and unreliable support can hinder this compliance and put a business’ reputation at risk.

Reduce business risk with long rental arrangements

In today’s challenging business environment, where it’s becoming increasingly harder to predict future requirements, many warehouse and facility managers now find they need to add ‘mitigating risk’ to their ever-expanding list of responsibilities.

One of those risks is a business shifting to a new location or expanding its current operation—either into a larger space or increasing its hours of operation—and the impact that will have on the tasks they manage. That’s why warehouse and facility managers require a flexible solution to allow them to scale their business needs to meet change. 

Many warehouse and facility managers are mitigating this risk by turning to industrial cleaning equipment rentals to help them scale up to meet seasonal demands or expansions and contractions.

Find the right cleaning equipment supplier

Look for a cleaning equipment supplier that provides a flexible approach to long-term cleaning equipment rentals.

Avoid suppliers who lock in inflexible contract terms that do not allow the cleaning equipment to be upgraded or downsized as the need arises, or the rental duration to be varied.

Warehouse and facility managers may need to switch their hire equipment to more powerful machines to cope with increased operational requirements. They may also need to add more machines to their fleet quickly or decrease their fleet size or performance requirements rapidly as they scale down.

Accept nothing less than zero-hassle maintenance and support

When cleaning equipment is rented instead of purchased outright, maintaining the equipment stays with the supplier. This is one less task for a busy warehouse or facility manager to squeeze into their already too-tight schedule.

A reputable equipment hiring company will ensure they keep the machines running smoothly with scheduled servicing. They will also offer operator training and technical support to free managers, allowing them to focus on their core work

Reduce internal bureaucracy and red tape

Managers are being asked to stretch their budgets and resources to counter the rising cost of doing business—from all stages of the supply chain through to the cost of loans and increased wages.

For managers, this can mean it becomes even more difficult to secure the funding needed to purchase industrial cleaning equipment outright. Developing a thorough business case and evaluating equipment can take time to prepare well.

Renting cleaning equipment prevents these hassles. It provides managers with a greater freedom of choice, especially when you choose a supplier that does not lock fixed terms into a contract and allows for last-minute changes of need.

The freedom and flexibility of no-risk rentals where the supplier services and supports the machines and trains staff will help secure approvals from financial controllers. And because  renting a machine is not considered a capital expense, this keeps procurement managers happy.

5 steps to successfully renting industrial cleaning equipment

By following these 5 steps, a business can hire industrial floor-cleaning equipment on terms that give it full control.

1.     Conduct a thorough on-site needs assessment

To ensure the equipment meets the needs of the business or facility, undertake a comprehensive site assessment to match the conditions with the right floor-cleaning machine. Ask:

    • How big is the space?
    • What surface needs to be cleaned?
    • What sort of clean does the space require?
    • How often does it need to be cleaned?
    • What are the compliance requirements?
    • What risks does the equipment mitigate?
    • How soon do you need the machine?
    • How quickly will they respond to a breakdown?

2.     Ensure the time needed for the equipment hire for is flexible

Consider whether you need the floor cleaning equipment to fill a short-term or longer-term need. Whether the machine is required for a single day to spring clean a particular space, or ongoing for two years, ensure the renting or hire arrangement is flexible to accommodate changes.

Find out how quickly the cleaning equipment rental company can deliver a machine and their average time fixing or replacing a breakdown. A warehouse or facility manager does not want to have to accommodate a lengthy downtime period if something goes wrong with the machine. 

3.     Check for lock-in contracts

The contract should be transparent and flexible, accommodating any change in business needs in the near or distant future. Check if the floor cleaning equipment can be switched or added to scale with the business’ changing needs.

4.     Train team members

Team members should feel confident when using unfamiliar floor cleaning equipment. Training is a big part of building this confidence. Knowing how to use the machinery effectively reduces operator error and misuse. It also reduces the chance of worker injury or damage to the machine.

Check that training and ongoing support are available as part of the rental arrangement.

5.     Maintain and service the machine

Downtime is the enemy of a smooth-running operation. Before signing a rental agreement with a floor-cleaning equipment supplier, check if they:

    • schedule regular machine maintenance
    • offer a same day service for repairs
    • have good availability of parts
    • provide emergency loan equipment
    • how fast their average response times are.

Knowing that fast help is available immediately reduces part of the pressure that comes with a stoppage.

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