Would you feel comfortable taking prospective clients or business partners through a warehouse space that looks dirty and poorly maintained? The appearance of your premise’s flooring reflects your professionalism and the standards to which your business adheres.

Industrial warehouses are subjected to many activities and mishaps, which can all contribute to a messy and dirty working environment. If you have forklifts operating in your facilities, you will no doubt be familiar with the dirty black tyre marks that can create an annoying eyesore. What makes these marks even worse, is that they can be almost impossible to remove without the right cleaning equipment!

Establishing an effective cleaning programme is key to staying on top of any tyre marks or scuffs on flooring at your commercial or industrial facility.

What causes tyre marks?

Forklift tyres are commonly made from a universal rubber compound, and with friction this tends to leave black marks on flooring. Marking is caused by an additive in the rubber that heats up with friction as the tyres move, then leaches onto the underlying surface. This is particularly true of non-slip porous flooring, or unfinished concrete.

Although there are non-marking tyres designed to reduce this problem, they generally cost more than regular rubber tyres and offer a shorter life expectancy.

Marking is often exacerbated by the spinning of forklift tyres, which can be caused by excessive speed, abrupt turns, excess dust, and wheel spins caused by sliding.

How to reduce tyre marks on your warehouse floor

Minimising the amount of tyre marking on your floors starts with your forklift operators’ behaviour. Discouraging driving that uses excessive speeds and hasty turns will help to eliminate marking and remove the root of the problem.

You should also try and avoid the use of cheap forklift tyres in your warehouse as they break down faster than high-quality tyres, making marking more frequent and obvious.

Effective maintenance of your business flooring and forklift machinery go hand in hand. Ensuring forklift tyres are replaced before they get worn down and ingrained with dirt will protect both your floors and your forklift operators from unnecessary duress. Failing to replace tyres regularly can lead to breakdowns, as it forces a forklift’s transmission to overwork.

In a perfect world, these simple steps would stop tyre marking completely. However, in a busy industrial environment, these mistakes are expected as part of daily wear and tear. So, it’s important to regularly clean affected floor spaces so your warehouse doesn’t end up looking like the pits at a speed racing track.

4 reasons why you should remove tyre marks in your premises

  1. Return on investment. Commercial and industrial premises will not only hold their value more when maintained properly, but also better showcase your professionalism to clients and partners.
  2. Health and safety. Minimising the appearance of tyre marks on your flooring is also key to ensuring your floors comply with workplace health and safety standards. For example, excessive tyre marks can make it difficult for workers and forklift operators to see important safety markings on the floor.
  3. Professional pride. As a business owner, you’re proud at what you’ve achieved and this flows through to how your premises look. You no doubt aim to uphold a high level of cleanliness in your flooring, and excellent presentation of your property as a whole.
  4. Good first impressions. Starting with your flooring, it is vital to maintain high standards in every aspect of your operation, to show visitors and important guests that you operate professionally in all areas.

How Conquest can help you eliminate unsightly tyre marks

Tyre marks can be extremely stubborn to remove, but our range of commercial cleaning products provides you with the necessary tools to get your floors back in top shape.

The downward pressure of our heavy-duty commercial and industrial scrubbers allows you to penetrate deep into the flooring to remove all the dirt and rubber residue that may have set in. With an array of options, including ride-on and walk-behind models, our scrubber range suits any sized warehouse or commercial facility.

Our Edge series boasts a square head that oscillates quickly while providing just the right downward pressure. This penetrates deep into porous flooring, leaving no room for dirt or rubber. Our Conquest Edge floor scrubbers can transform filthy floors in just a single pass.

Regular use of our commercial floor cleaning machines will make the job of removing tyre marks from your warehouse floors even easier.

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