Now, more than ever, it is essential for the efficiency and competitiveness of a business to be flexible and scalable. At Conquest, we understand this need for freedom of choice. With offers such as short term hire and our no-risk rental programs, as well as flexible service plans, we are proud to provide the seamless ability for our customers to rapidly adapt to ever-changing operational environment.

Sometimes it’s difficult to plan for exactly what you’ll need in 5 years time, or even 12 months time, due to unpredictable and unprecedented operating conditions limiting accurate growth predictions. That’s why we advocate the importance of planning not to plan! What we mean is, when you need the ultimate in flexibility to operate at ultimate efficiency, you need a set of contingencies in place that you can rely on. Conquest offers the perfect contingency plan.

Today’s choice doesn’t have to impact tomorrow’s decisions

We understand how important it is to be able to adapt to the ever-changing environment and we’re behind you all the way offering the freedom to choose for all your floor cleaning needs.

1. Choose the machine you need

Drawing on leading global innovation, our range of industrial floor cleaning equipment caters to a wide variety of floor cleaning needs. Starting with an onsite assessment, we work with you to tailor the solution to your unique operational requirements. Optional upgrades and clever customizations may also be recommended, to optimize operational performance and cleaning result.

2. Choose a purchase plan

No two businesses are that same, and that extends to “how” you purchase capital equipment. Some prefer to invest in owning their equipment. Others enjoy the ease of budgeting for monthly payments, and our no-risk fully maintained rental plans are leading the industry. If your requirements change at any stage during the renal term, you can upgrade to a bigger or smaller machine without penalty. Seasonal or periodic needs, too, are no problem. You can hire top-of-the-range floor equipment for a day… a week… a month… or more! Saving you investing in speciality equipment that sits idle for much the year.

Whatever your purchase preferences, we’re behind you all the way, offering you the freedom you need to do your job well.

3. Choose service and support

When you have the right equipment in place, you will want to ensure it is maintained and serviced according to manufacturer recommendations. This ensures machine performance is optimized, minimizes the risk of downtime, and meets the requirements of your extended 4-year warranty. That’s why ongoing maintenance is included in all of our no-risk rental plans. Plus, we offer flexible service packages tailored to your needs, for those who prefer to invest in their own equipment.

Having contingencies such as these – that allow you to flex and scale with your business needs – gives you certainty in uncertain time. So you’ll continue to meet your KPIs now, and into the future, while maintaining full control of your budget.

Certainty in uncertain times

Whether you’re scaling up your fleet or simply wanting a reliable, permanent machine, we’ve got a wide range of floor-cleaning equipment to suit all environments and budgets. From top-end machines with customisable options to top-quality refurbished machines, let us help you find the right solution. Our floor-cleaning specialists can help you discover the perfect machine for your workspace and tailor a service plan to meet all your requirements.

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The festive season is just around the corner. The peaks and troughs many businesses experience through this time lends itself to the requirement for greater flexibility and scalability.

Conquest Hire is behind you all the way, with a special offer for new customers. Hire Conquest specialty floor cleaning equipment for 2 or more days, and we’ll give you the first day FREE.

What’s more, our friendly floor cleaning specialists can help you determine the right equipment best suited to your requirements.

We know exactly how important flexibility is to you.
That’s why Conquest is behind you all the way. 

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