Industrial grade, self-levelling resin floor coatings are resilient, attractive and practical for use in automotive spaces.  A number of different resin systems are available in Australia, such as epoxy, polyurethane or methacrylate.  Found in automotive workshops, carparks, dealerships, freight depots, warehouses and other high-traffic areas, these specialty floor coatings are designed to absorb grease and oils, and promote durability against wear.

When installing resin coated flooring, effective cleaning and maintenance practices undoubtedly form part of the end-solution.  This is about more than just maintaining the aesthetics.  It’s about:

  • Adhering to stringent industrial safety standards
  • Removing absorbed oil and chemicals that would otherwise cause flaking or surface disintegration
  • Maintaining the non-slip properties of the coatings
  • Ultimately, maximising the life of your investment by reducing wear and scratching from soiling

Cleaning methods: manual vs mechanical

While manual mopping or floor scrubbing is an option, it is neither efficient over large spaces or truly effective in the removal of oily residue. However automated scrubbing machines offer an effective and efficient cleaning solution for resin coated floors, delivering:

  • A deep clean on textured surfaces
  • A continuous supply of clean water
  • Safe removal and easy disposal of dirty, or contaminated water
  • Controlled application of any applied cleaning agents

All industrial floor scrubbers are fitted with a wet-vacuum system to completely dry floors, removing all traces of dirt and grease and leaving them safe and slip free. Specialist machines are also capable of light sweeping to remove loose debris in a single pass.

No challenge for Conquest

Conquest’s Tomcat range of industrial floor scrubbers are built for efficiency and performance, with features and options specially adapted to maintain resin floor coatings.  Specifically, the unique squeegee design and hi-flow vacuum deliver a deep clean to completely rid floors of all oil and residue, leaving behind a surface that is both thoroughly clean and dry.

Conquest’s knowledgeable and experienced team specialise in understanding the unique requirements of these sensitive floor surfaces, and will partner with you to recommend a guaranteed solution that both cleans and protects your investment.  We can even customise our floor scrubber machines to suit your unique floor cleaning challenge!

Get Started!

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