Bacteria and infection control measures are undeniably crucial in healthcare settings. Personal hygiene is a great place to start, but deep cleaning regimes are critical for the best protection of patients, staff and visitors to the facility.

According to SA Health, thorough environmental cleaning “is important for the prevention of transmission of infectious diseases within healthcare settings.” And now more than ever, sanitisation, disinfection and deep cleaning practices are recognised as key to infection control to minimise the spread of viruses such as the Novel Caronavirus (COVID-19).

This is backed by studies conducted by University of Arizona microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, who found that cleaning is the only intervention that can reduce the spread of viruses by up to 80–90%.

Effective floor cleaning procedures should therefore be a key control measure in any clinical risk management framework. But to truly sanitise and disinfect floor surfaces, it requires the right combination of commercial cleaning equipment, chemical solution and effective procedures. “The right floor cleaning equipment is a huge factor in this process,” says Ben Mathews, Sales Director for Conquest Equipment. “People’s lives can literally be in your hands – so you must get it right!”

An expert in his field, Ben recommends oscillating floor scrubbing machines and those with adjustable down pressure for tiled, non-slip areas. The oscillating scrubbing motion combined with the right down pressure provides a deep clean by removing surface dirt and bacteria to allow disinfectant solution to penetrate porous surfaces.

Thorough training is also important, to ensure operators understand how to use, maintain and store equipment for a deep clean and prevention of cross-contamination.

At Conquest, we recognise you already have a lot to think about. We take our role as experts in our industry very seriously. That’s why we’ve done the hard yards for you. We’ve moved quickly to develop our knowledge to ensure we can help you identify the right equipment and disinfectant scrubbing solution for infection control.

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