Telling your accountant or CFO the good news that you’re saving money on their capex budget is a sure way to put a smile on their face.

Like many plant and equipment suppliers, we’re open to offering trade-ins on your old equipment, which also gets the big tick from your company’s sustainable business goals.

A trade-in deal can save you from the burden of disposing of an aged and no longer needed asset. Sending a large piece of equipment to landfill probably goes against your company’s sustainable business practices and your own environmental sensibilities.

But if you’re looking wider to sell your ageing warehouse cleaning asset, we’ve provided the following tips to help you reduce your warehouse capex spend, get a fair price, and protect the environment.

How to get the best price on the trade-in of your warehouse cleaning equipment

If you’re upgrading your cleaning equipment, then it makes sense to negotiate a trade-in as part of your package. Any reliable operator will offer you a trade-in deal for your old equipment.

The trade-in price will help reduce the overall cost of your capital expenditure.

Research your equipment’s market value

Research the value of your equipment online to find out what’s a reasonable trade-in price you can expect for it.

Gather your service history

Get your service records in order. A well-maintained machine with a detailed service history has greater value than one that has been poorly maintained or lacks service records.

Present your machine well

Give your machine a decent clean so it’s presented well. The neater and cleaner your machine looks, the more valuable it will appear. It could represent the difference between getting the price you want for your old machine versus a lower price someone is only willing to pay.

Make sure all machine parts are in good working order, from brushes to the hazard lights and audible reversing alarms .

Why trading in might be a better option

While you might not get as much money back on a trade-in as you would selling the equipment privately, you will, however, save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

It might take valuable hours out of your day to sell equipment privately; time that might be better spent tackling high priority tasks while keeping your facility running smoothly. You’ll also have to deal with non-standard interruptions while you handle enquiries about the machine and then set up times for people to inspect the machine.

Trade-in deals with Conquest

At Conquest, we offer generous trade-in deals.

We refurbish and sell or hire out older machines. We don’t want to see our machines going to landfill, so we actively seek to keep our machines operating for as long as possible.

4 great reasons to choose Conquest

There are many reasons why people keep returning to Conquest for all their floor cleaning equipment needs.

Here are four great reasons to choose us for your warehouse cleaning solution:

  1. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Our friendly customer service team will make sure you’re completely satisfied with your Conquest commercial floor-cleaning solution.

2. 60-day money back guarantee
You can upgrade, change or get your investment back on your Conquest cleaning machine purchase if it doesn’t perform to your expectation.

3. 4 years parts and labour warranty
Keep your industry-leading parts and labour warranty by getting your machine serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. Fully flexible rentals without penalties
Our fully flexible rental program is risk free. You can upgrade, downgrade or return the machine within the fixed term and without penalty.


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