If you’ve installed non-slip flooring at your premises, then you’re in great company, as more and more businesses are realising how important it is to keep workforces and customers safe. Safe Work Australia has reported that between 2003 and 2015, accidents such as slips, trips or falls were caused by environmental factors more than half the time (56 per cent). These problem areas include poorly designed or maintained walkways, and flooring surfaces made slippery following rain or spillages.

It’s no surprise that such alarming figures have led to a trend towards improving safety, with the increase in the installation of non-slip flooring in commercial and industrial buildings throughout Australia. As Safe Work Australia reports: ‘The best way to eliminate slips and trips is to build and design facilities with safety in mind.’

And it follows that this safety flooring needs to be looked after correctly, with industrial cleaning equipment, to keep it in prime condition and therefore maintain its effectiveness.

The down side is, due to the nature of its finish, non-slip flooring is notoriously hard to clean. The textured safety surface grips and prevents people slipping over and stops liquids pooling, but it also poses a challenge for traditional floor scrubbers, as they are unable to reach into the surface indentations where dirt and grime lodges.



The answer to this problem is to use an oscillating floor cleaning machine. These incredible floor scrubbing machines consist of square shaped scrub heads with adjustable weights, which combine downward pressure and rapid speed to move the scrub pad in all directions. This means the bristles reach into every part of the textured surface, breaking up and removing grime. Oscillation speed is important, too, because it provides seven times greater agitation than a standard commercial scrubber, using little to no detergent. It also breaks up and draws chemicals out of the floor, removing build-up, which can become a magnet for dirt. Adjustable downward pressure (combined with speed and oscillation) ensures a uniform clean across a non-slip floor without leaving unsightly patchy areas, which often happens with traditional industrial scrubbing machines.

These days, most commercial architect-designed CBD premises are fitted with textured non-slip flooring. And, throughout Australia, Conquest’s Series of orbital floor scrubbers are highly sought after by the facilities managers who look after these buildings and keep them clean and safe. One of the most popular machines in the orbital range is the Conquest Carbon Edge industrial floor scrubber. They are highly manoeuvrable, simple to operate and impressively powerful. The secret is the rectangular high-speed oscillating heads, which reach right up to edges and into corners. Whether in a school, hospital, shopping centre, sports facility, supermarket or office complex, Conquest’s commercial floor scrubbers are successful in tackling all manner of floor cleaning challenges.