As the owner or manager of an industrial or commercial facility, you understand that positive first impressions are vital for business success. Your customers or visiting guests visually assess the professionalism of your operation from the minute they step onto your premises. This evaluation continues for the duration of their visit.

Floors are the foundation of success in this area and may be seen as a direct reflection of your professionalism and the pride you take in your business. They show how much you’re prepared to invest in your premises, equipment, employees and overall brand perception.

However, it’s not only appearances that are important – there are other key aspects of your operation that rely on good cleanliness and hygiene practices. Dust and debris, for example, are constant challenges for most industrial and commercial operations. Here are four reasons why you should give this area the focus it deserves.

1. Health & Safety

October is Australia’s National Safe Work Month, which is a good prompt to take a look at your work environment and identify any potential health and safety issues. Maintaining a hygienic and safe workplace should be a primary priority for your business.

The key to success in this area is establishing a strategic floor cleaning routine and ensuring you have the right equipment to maintain high standards of cleaning.

The buildup of dust in your warehouse or commercial space is a common issue, which can damage the health of your employees in the long run and create additional dangers in the workplace. Dust can affect your workplace in a number of ways including:

  • Poor forklift performance. An accumulation of dust on your floors can lower the efficiency of your forklifts and cause them to spread dust airborne, which can pose a health risk to employees and potentially damage stock.
  • Increased health risks. There is the potential for your employees to suffer from a number of illnesses, including medical conditions such as asthma, which can be triggered when working in a dust-filled workplace.
  • Slip hazards. Built-up floor residue and loose debris in your warehouse can easily turn into a dangerous slip hazard. According to The Key Work Health and Safety Statistics Australia 2017 report, 23% of injuries occur from falls, trips, slips and personal injury. This issue can be easily remedied by establishing a regular sweeping and scrubbing routine on your warehouse floors to minimise hazards.

2. Presentation

Although many people wouldn’t consider your warehouse to be the public face of your business, everyone coming through your premises is bound to make judgements based on the facility’s appearance.

According to Forbes, people form a solid impression of who you are within just seven seconds of first meeting. Although this applies to your physical appearance, the cleanliness of your workspace is equally being judged as a reflection of your leadership success.

Dust readily settles on stock in your warehouse, as trucks and forklifts come and go. This could damage your stock, plus poor product presentation could put off your clients. Taking pride in your warehouse flooring is key to showcasing the high standards of professionalism you expect from your workers and facilities.

3. Accreditation

Australian businesses require accreditation to legally operate in particular industries. For example, the food and beverage industry employs strict standards such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) to ensure the highest standards of food safety and quality are upheld.

Qualification for these industry-level credentials is essential to operate in this field and be professionally respected as a business in this industry segment. Your business’ control of workplace health and safety practices – including minimising contamination from dust and other materials – will be assessed before you gain accreditation.

Maintaining rigorous cleaning practices – such as regularly using a floor cleaning machine – is key to attaining industry accreditations such as HACCP.

4. Safeguarding your investment

Acquiring or leasing a warehouse facility requires a significant financial investment. Taking steps to ensure your premises maintains its value and requires minimal maintenance should be a priority for every business owner.

Poor cleaning practices in an industrial environment can quickly result in the accumulation of residue and debris on your floors. Without a regular cleaning routine, this grime can become compacted on surfaces and increasingly difficult to remove. Dirty floors are even more susceptible to permanent damage, as they are more likely to be scratched or marked.

However, your building is not your only investment that can be protected by an effective cleaning plan. You could potentially be holding millions of dollars of product in your warehouse, which is at risk of contamination from dust and debris. By storing your inventory in clean conditions, you can significantly reduce the risk of having to write off stock, with subsequent revenue loss.

How Conquest’s cleaning range can help

A professional operation needs professional equipment to maintain top cleanliness and hygiene standards. If you need cleaning equipment to keep your warehouse and commercial floors free of dust and grime, have a browse through our product range. With a variety of different commercial floor scrubbers and sweepers – including both ride on and walk behind options – Conquest’s wide range is sure to cater to your business’ specific cleaning needs.

Floor Scrubbers

If you need a product that can efficiently clean vast areas of floor space, or transform an area from soiled to spotless, look no further than one of the Conquest floor scrubbers. Providing industrial strength scrubbing and mopping action, our scrubbing machines remove grime and stains from your floors – leaving them clean and dry in one sweep.

Floor Sweepers

Our highly manoeuvrable sweepers allow you to keep your floors clear of loose debris and dust by harnessing the effective combination of both a sweeper and a vacuum. The ride on sweeper range lets you clean vast floor spaces quickly and easily while minimising worker fatigue.

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