The future looks bright thanks to recent advances in floor cleaning equipment technology. The latest product innovations being brought to Australasia by Conquest are transforming every aspect of floor scrubber performance, making reliability, safety and data collection even better.

In the words of Fimap, a Conquest partner and leading global producer of professional cleaning equipment, “scrubbing machines can no longer simply be machines that facilitate cleaning activities. They must transform and take advantage of today’s technology to become something more.”

The drive to transform floor cleaning machines into something more is seeing game-changing features being introduced to add more value for customers. Among the newest introductions are ergonomic design, operator training videos, and improved accident prevention, consumption monitoring and performance metrics.

“Connectivity is the future, and we’re already there,” announced Conquest’s Managing Director, Michael Mathews. “Our latest scrubbers give managers and supervisors full visibility of the machine, its location and its use. And of course, better reporting on faults and downtime is especially advantageous, too.”

The attention to detail in both the interior and exterior design of new floor scrubber machines shows just how the application of innovative thinking can transform well-established equipment, such as power floor cleaners, into dynamic technologically-advanced machines.

And this is only the start. Over the next 12 months, we will be introducing additional floor cleaners with a variety of exciting new features and benefits to suit every application and budget.

Reliability for the long term

The new cast aluminium chassis is perhaps the most instantly visible innovation to be introduced to the latest power scrubbers. Designed for extended service life, the sturdier chassis gives maximum machine stability, while the heavy duty bumpers and powerful drive motors provide longevity.

Safety is always priority

To ensure the wellbeing of operators, pedestrians and the machine itself, the next-gen commercial cleaning equipment brings a range of enhanced safety features:

  • Easy-to-understand video tutorials, for viewing on in-built full-colour LED screens.
  • Speed and cruise control, which can be set and locked by management to guarantee safe speeds.
  • In-built descent control (ride-on models only), which automatically reduces speed when going around bends or travelling down inclines – essential for safer handling, greater operator control and reducing the risk of accidents.
  • A collision avoidance system. This includes a full colour reverse camera and an alarm that sounds when the power scrubber comes too close to obstacles.
  • Full LED under body and front and rear lighting, which greatly enhances safe operation of the power scrubbers in low-lit areas and helps technicians with servicing the machines.

Another plus is the dramatic reduction in the risk of the power scrubber being caught on under-shelving, bollards and other protruding obstacles. The removal of the overhang and the clever addition of a fixed squeegee encased by the body of the machine largely overcome the chance of bumps and breakages.

Comfort, even with prolonged use

Designed for comfort, the newest power scrubbers’ ground-breaking ergonomics significantly lessen the chance of physical injury or impairment, particularly with prolonged use.

They include a padded steering wheel with easy-to-use paddle controls, super-light steering to reduce the risk of shoulder strain and fatigue, and generously padded seats, complete with wide arm rests. There is also a low step up onto or down from the machine, putting less strain on joints and reducing the risk of falls.

Conquest are excited to launch into the future with the next generation of floor cleaning machines continuing to provide our customers with the clever way to clean. If you’d like to know more about our innovative new power scrubber range, or any other type of industrial floor cleaner, power sweeper or commercial cleaning equipment, give us a call on 1800 826 789 today and we’ll be happy to arrange a free onsite demonstration at your convenience.