Uncertainty is a reality in business. ROI forecasts in capex plans are theoretical.

But what if there was a way to create more certainty around your commercial floor cleaning equipment ROI? The kind of certainty that’s sure to put a smile on your accountant or CFO’s face.

At Conquest, we strive to bring more surety and certainty to business, giving you the confidence that your ROI forecasts for your commercial cleaning assets are reliable. We do this in several ways.

The Conquest guarantee

Investing in Conquest’s commercial cleaning equipment comes with an industry-leading guarantee. We offer a 4-year warranty on new purchases. You’ll have zero out-of-pocket expenses during this time if your cleaning machine fails.

Our guarantee is one of the ways we can give your number crunchers the certainty they crave. We make your cleaning equipment investment certain and risk-free.

Consistent, all-inclusive hire rates

If you choose to hire rather than buy your floor cleaning equipment, our rental machines come with an all-inclusive rate.

This means you’ll know exactly what your annual rate will be, which is great for calculating your expenses and knowing your bottom line.

If your machine breaks down or doesn’t perform as expected, we’ll fix or replace it. No extra fees for you.

We know that businesses change over time, so we give you the ultimate flexibility in our rental agreements. You can upgrade or downgrade your machine at any time during your rental period, without incurring a financial penalty.

Scheduled servicing

Whether you’re renting or hiring our floor cleaning equipment, we perform regular servicing and machine maintenance.

By maintaining this servicing schedule, your machine will always be in top condition, dramatically reducing the risk of a temporary downtime when your workplace might not be clean and WHS compliant.

Maintaining the servicing schedule will also ensure you hang onto our valuable 4-year warranty.

Scheduled servicing helps create more certainty around the ROI on your investment in floor cleaning equipment.

Comprehensive training

Knowing how to use the machine correctly and within your warehouse environment reduces the risk of the machine breaking down or needing parts replaced sooner rather than as part of their scheduled maintenance.

When we deliver your machine, we’ll train your operators to use the equipment safely and correctly, which greatly reduces the risk of downtime caused by improper use.

4 great reasons to choose Conquest

There are many reasons why people keep returning to Conquest for all their floor cleaning equipment needs.

Here are four great reasons to choose us for your warehouse cleaning solution:

  1. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Our friendly customer service team will make sure you’re completely satisfied with your Conquest commercial floor-cleaning solution.

2. 60-day money back guarantee
You can upgrade, change or get your investment back on your Conquest cleaning machine purchase if it doesn’t perform to your expectation.

3. 4 years parts and labour warranty
Keep your industry-leading parts and labour warranty by getting your machine serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. Fully flexible rentals without penalties
Our fully flexible rental program is risk free. You can upgrade, downgrade or return the machine within the fixed term and without penalty.

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