Conquest’s Sport Edge walk-behind floor scrubber is one of the most versatile and multi-purpose industrial floor cleaners in its class.

Edge Orbital Scrubbing Technology

Featuring Edge oscillating floor scrubber technology, the Sport Edge is uniquely equipped to clean even the most difficult floor surfaces in a single pass.  The square pad and orbital scrubbing motion allows easy cleaning along edges and right into corners, without leaving behind those tell-tale swirl marks nor requiring a secondary manual process to finish the job.  The high performance motor and down pressure provide an unparalleled deep, chemical free clean.

Proven results, many floor types

At Conquest, we’ve put the Sport Edge oscillating floor scrubber to the test with success on some of the most challenging surfaces across Australia, including:

  • Non-slip epoxy painted coatings
  • Slip resistant or porous floor tiles and grout
  • High gloss tiles and grout
  • Bluestone and granite
  • Rubber textured sport surfaces, such as Rebound Ace
  • Non-slip vinyl

Effortless commercial floor cleaning

This durable floor scrubber machine effortlessly cleans dirt, grease and grime from even the most challenging floor types, making the Sport Edge perfect for use in a range of commercial applications, including education, sporting venues, supermarkets, retail, automotive, airports, and sensitive specialist industries such as food and beverage, and healthcare.

Keen to put the Sport Edge industrial floor scrubber to the test against your challenging floor surface?  Simply contact us to book a free onsite demonstration at your facility.