In recent years, we’ve heard the catch phrase “chemical free cleaning” being increasingly thrown around in the commercial cleaning space. However the idea is often met with disbelief and concern. Can you truly achieve an effective and hygienic clean on hard floor surfaces without using chemical?

The answer is: YES, you can!

And with the latest advanced technology simplifying the process, chemical free floor cleaning is definitely something to consider. Especially when you take a deeper look at the risks of chemical use, and the benefits of opting out…

Workplace Safety

According to WorkSafe Victoria, many chemicals are classified as both hazardous substances and dangerous goods, posing a threat to the health and safety of employees and visitors to your facility. Contact rashes, chemical burns, respiratory problems, headaches and dizziness are just a few of the health risks associated with chemical use in commercial cleaning equipment.

Safe chemical management requires a significant business commitment and resources in the form of people, finances and time. But omitting chemicals simplifies this equation.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

Chemical use in cleaning can also have a significant impact on the environment – from the packaging used to store and transport chemicals contributing to landfill, to the waste potentially risking waterways and impacting air quality.

While a little care and effective waste disposal practices go a long way towards sustainability, opting for a chemical free cleaning solution is by far the greenest option.

Save time, and money!

Chemicals are often used in cleaning for efficiencies; to achieve a deeper and more effective clean, with speed. But what if we told you that chemical free cleaning doesn’t have to equate to working harder and longer? And in fact, could actually save you time and money!

Modern technology handles the grunt work for you, creating labour efficiencies. And with less time on the job plus limited-to-no chemical requirement, the impact on your bottom line is obvious.

The right commercial cleaning equipment

So how can you achieve a deep and effective chemical free clean on your challenging commercial floor surfaces? You need the right equipment!

Featuring orbital scrubbing heads and specialist pads, the latest industry-leading floor scrubbing machines combine high speed oscillation with extreme down-pressure to deliver the deepest clean – without added chemical – on even the dirtiest and most textured surfaces.

Conquests range of Edge orbital floor scrubbers do precisely that! Available in a range of sizes and features with national service and support, there is a Conquest Edge solution for all your commercial and industrial cleaning challenges. For truly astounding results, combine your Edge oscillating floor scrubber with one of our new Twister Diamond Pads.

With such advanced industrial floor cleaning technology, it is possible to limit – if not completely eliminate – the need for added chemicals.

We invite you to book a free onsite assessment, and let us help you achieve a safer, greener and cleaner workplace.