Any interruption to “business as usual” comes at a cost.  Calculating the true cost of unplanned downtime factors loss of productivity, emergency repairs, loss of sales and even damage to brand reputation.  Taking steps to minimise this risk is critical to the long term success of your business.

Here we offer a quick guide to reducing the risk of unplanned downtime, by ensuring your commercial floor cleaning equipment remains in peak operating condition for the life of the machine.

Step 1. Choosing the Right Equipment

As every business is different, so too are their floor cleaning needs.  It may seem common sense, but selecting the right scrubbing machine or floor sweeper for your unique cleaning challenge is arguably the most crucial step to minimising unplanned downtime.  Yet, it’s not an easy decision.  Floor size, surface type, site traffic, chemical exposure, workplace safety policy, government legislation and concern for environment are just some of the factors that may be considered.

Inadequate specification increases the chance of breakdown, as commercial floor cleaning equipment is subject to perform beyond intended capabilities.  The right solution however sets you on the path to achieve your company’s performance objectives, promoting efficiency and effectiveness.

Consulting with expert suppliers who partner with you to understand your unique business needs, gives you confidence that your commercial cleaning equipment will perform as intended – without costly inconvenience!  Our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP) is an 8-step guided process that offers peace of mind at time of purchase, backed by our 100% satisfaction clean floor guarantee*.  So when you choose to partner with Conquest, you can trust that you’re choosing the right floor cleaning solution for your unique business challenge.

Step 2. Comprehensive Operator Training

Machine operators can literally make or break your equipment!  Operator error and lack of care are common complaints in industry, and can result in unplanned downtime for your business.

Ensuring operators are fully trained in the operation of your power sweeper or scrubbing machine, and educated in best practice, protects your investment against damage.  We offer comprehensive user manuals and operator training, delivered by one of our team of Conquest product experts.  We are flexible in our approach, to ensure ease of understanding and will work with you to determine a time that is convenient and minimises disruption.

Step 3. Perform Daily Maintenance

A little bit of daily TLC can go a long way to ensuring your commercial floor cleaning equipment remains in peak operational condition ongoing.

We recommend performing a quick maintenance check each day prior to using your commercial sweeper or floor scrubber machine, and can provide a checklist to guide the process for all machines in our range.

Step 4. Scheduled Machine Servicing

As with a car or truck, the best way to protect your investment long term while promoting longevity is to book regular servicing of your commercial floor cleaning machine with a qualified technician.

Our flexible scheduled maintenance programs have been designed to ensure your floor scrubber or power sweeper continues to operate in peak condition.  We offer a range of service options, from fully maintained fixed price contracts to preventative maintenance as required.  Or, we can tailor a service solution specifically for your needs.

Step 5. Accessible Parts and Technical Support

While scheduled preventative maintenance is best practice, accidents and breakdowns are still possible.  A speedy recovery is critical, and choosing reliable and responsive suppliers is essential to your long term success.

At Conquest, we continue to invest in inventory and systems while expanding warehouse capacity nationwide in alignment with company growth.  Furthermore, we promise same day dispatch via Toll Freight Services on all parts orders received by 2:00PM.  It’s all about ensuring speedy delivery, getting the right part to the right place, to minimise unplanned machine downtime.


* Terms and conditions apply.  Contact Conquest on 1800 826 789 for details.