Conquest is confident in our offering. We believe our expertise is unrivalled in the commercial floor cleaning industry and we know our dedicated team routinely goes the extra mile for our customers. Plus, we offer an unbeatable product range that gives customers access to the latest technology and innovation in the industry, which provides the highest quality, most reliable machines on the market.

To prove this confidence, we offer our clients five customer satisfaction promises. We call this our Conquest 360 offer.

1. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

We’re proud to offer this assurance because we go to great lengths to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their Conquest commercial floor cleaning solution, through our unique Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP).

This is a comprehensive 8-step process which starts with onsite assessments and diagnostics, moves through to delivery, then on to full operator training and after-sales care.

Our machines are maintained and serviced for optimal performance for their lifetime and we are committed to ensuring spare parts and consumables are readily available and backed with responsive delivery times.

2. 60-day money-back guarantee

Invest in Conquest with absolute confidence. We will upgrade or swap out your Conquest machine or give your money back if, within 60 days of purchase, you feel the machine is not performing to your expectations.

This guarantee comes into play when our customer implements our guidance and purchases the machine we recommend during the ISP process.

3. 4-year parts and labour warranty

As long as your Conquest machine is serviced by us per manufacturer recommendations, we are proud to offer an industry-leading, extended four-year warranty on all machines.

The warranty covers both parts and labour – unique to Conquest – which means you can invest with confidence, knowing that your maintenance costs will be predictable and manageable for the life of your Conquest commercial floor cleaning machine.

4. Fully flexible rentals

We understand that things change. Businesses grow, move facilities or take on new premises. Sometimes, long-term rental agreements can leave customers feeling they’re saddled with the wrong equipment, with no recourse to change. Not with Conquest.

Our no-risk, fully flexible rental option offers the ability to upgrade, downgrade, change to a different machine, or return the machine if no longer required at any point in your fixed term, without penalty. This means that customers can enter into a long-term agreement (from 12 months) with Conquest without being concerned about what may happen if their business requirements change.

5. Zero Downtime Program

Our Zero Downtime Program helps you keep working uninterrupted – even in case of an emergency breakdown. You can continue to meet your WHS obligations and maintain a hazard-free and clean environment.

Available as standard with of our Premium and Ultimate service packages, and Fully Maintained Rentals, our Zero Downtime Program includes:

  • Same day service on breakdowns reported before 12pm on weekdays Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney locations
  • Emergency back up loan equipment if your equipment cannot be repaired the same day
  • Your 4-year parts & labour warranty protected
  • Ongoing operator training throughout the life of your machine

As well as our Conquest 360 offering, we have other great incentives to work with us:

Comprehensive onboarding and training

Conquest offers a comprehensive onboarding programme to support customers when they buy a new Conquest power sweeper or floor scrubbing machine. This covers the time from when you place an order, through to ongoing post-purchase support, and involves our dedicated specialists ensuring you receive consistent and practical technical and customer support.

The process starts with the safe and timely delivery of your new commercial cleaning equipment, moves on to easy-to-follow operator training performed at your site, and continues with developing communication channels to help you integrate the new equipment into your cleaning processes.

We’ll help you refine your cleaning processes and help ensure the safest, most cost-efficient and effective cleaning practices are adopted by your operators.

During onboarding, you will also be introduced to your Conquest Customer Care team – a dedicated resource that you can raise questions with, and flag feedback or concerns at any stage of your Conquest journey. They will work with you to proactively address any challenges you might be having.

Flexible, scheduled service and maintenance

At Conquest, our commitment to customers goes way beyond your initial purchase. We have adopted a service approach which recognises that each of our customers is unique. That is why we offer more than a floor cleaning solution; we offer a trusted and reliable partnership through excellence in end-to-end service.

Our flexible, scheduled maintenance programmes are designed to ensure your commercial floor cleaner continues to operate in peak condition for optimised cleaning results. We offer a broad range of service and maintenance contracts, from fully maintained to our preventative maintenance program. We can tailor contracts to fit your specific circumstances.

Wherever you are in Australia, we extend our professional service offering for our entire range of commercial floor cleaning machines through a network of trusted partners.

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